Korean Spicy Dipping Sauce (Ssamjang)

Korean Spicy Dipping Sauce (Ssamjang) | MyKoreanKitchen.com

(This post was updated on March 28, 2015)

Korean spicy dipping sauce (Ssamjang, 쌈장) is a thick and spicy paste used as a dipping sauce when you make a wrap, which typically involves grilled Korean BBQ meat in a lettuce, perilla or steamed cabbage leaf etc. You simply paste a small amount of sauce on to a lettuce leaf or meat with chopsticks or you can simply dive the meat into the sauce.

Typical ingredients for Korean Ssamjang include, Korean soybean paste (DoenJang, 된장), Korean chili paste (Gochujang, 고추장), minced garlic, minced onion, chopped green onion and sesame oil. However you can make an even fancier version, using my recipe here.

I don’t normally buy a big container for this, because I only use a small amount of it each time. Below are some pictures of  Korean Ssamjang varieties available at a Korean grocery store.

 Korean Spicy Dipping Sauce (Ssamjang) | MyKoreanKitchen.com
Korean Spicy Dipping Sauce (Ssamjang) | MyKoreanKitchen.com

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  1. Hello,, where did you buy your ssamjang sauce?

    I’m in Gilbert AZ and can’t locate ssamjang sauce. Please HELP

    • There’s a Korean grocery store called Asian Market on the NW corner of Southern & Dobson. They have everything Korean.

  2. Hello,, where did you buy your ssamjang sauce?

  3. is this what they use really? i never knew. i always thought the stuff in restaurants were doenjang. heheh its yummy if this is it.

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