Excuse me while I stop and smell the flowers


(Flowers from Toowoomba Flower Festival)

Hello readers! It’s been a real long time. Thank you for your concerns about my well being and your patience with my blog. I’ve been intending to write a post for a long time but starting a new job and being denied access to my photo album (external hard drive) kept me staying away from the blogging.

I want you to know that this blog will be more active again from this point and the first recipe coming up is Noodles in Chicken Soup (Dak Kalguksu).


Are you starting to warm up? :)


About Sue

Hi, I'm Sue and I am the author/cook/photographer behind My Korean Kitchen. Thank you for joining me in this delicious culinary journey!


  1. Both are so captivating. Beautiful flowers and delicious foods.

  2. Come back! I wana Korean foooooood 😀

  3. Come back Sue! We need more passionate Korean cooks! We should unite!!

    Twitter @aSquishyMonster

  4. i just want to say that your site is really nice with great recipes and pics. i hope you post newer recipes in the future.


    olivia kim ^^

  5. Hi- I’ve been visiting this blog for years and check back from time to time hoping you would pick it up again… Understand that life might be busy, tho. Anyhow, I love all the easy to follow recipes and still refer to them when I feel like cooking Korean dishes.

    A fan~

  6. I have a Korean blog that you may be interested in.

  7. Hi. I just found this blog. I love your blog. I feel find a friend!
    I started food blog 6 months ago but it has been very very slow. I wonder what you think of my blog.

    I am a Korean Kiwi living in Melbourne and love cooking, eating and sharing!


  8. Can’t wait for that chicken noodle soup recipe it looks AMAZING!!! =)

  9. Hi, Just found your site and I think you have a fantastic site here. I love Korean food! Have you stop this blog completely or did you move to another new site? Thank you!

  10. Sorry to hear that this blog has become abadoned. Sifting through the site I can see you were putting out quality content, just wish you never stopped as it has given some very enlightening and positive content. Love Korean Food!!!!!

  11. It’s been years and I feel like you’ve dropped from the internet blogging world. lol, you were the first person to inspire a love for korean cuisine in me and I still turn to your recipes because I find myself having to cook more often these days. Also cause a good korean restaurant where I live is non-existent. I hope you’ll pick this blog back up again! Miss you!

  12. Today was the first warm day we have had in my city for weeks! It was so nice :-)

  13. Drop by your site by accident, cool blog! Now that noodles in chicken soup looks good. Looking forward to it’s recipe :)

  14. :)
    blogwalking for discover Korean food blogs

    friendly from Turkey

  15. are you ever coming back? :(

  16. I really miss this site. Will you ever post again?

  17. Filipino Recipe says:

    I love Asian food and would really go out and try out stuff i haven’t eaten. I have tasted Japanese, Chinese, kKorean and Filipino Recipe. I must say that Asian taste appeal to me more than anything.

  18. Hy! I’m so happy I found you blog! I was looking for a place where I would find Korean recipes written by real Korean. You are one, right ? 😛

    I will follow you, maybe you’ll like to check out my blog too!


  19. Janelle Sarah says:

    I LOVE YOUR WEBSITE! Please don’t stop blogging about the food you cook. I am half Iranian, and half American. (I was born in the states.) I love to make Korean food. I think the typical American diet is unhealthy and very bad! I eat much healthier than the typical American. I research healthy foods and new ways to cook them. I came across your website and it is very helpful for me!
    Keep blogging and keep posting pictures of your dishes!
    Thank you!

  20. Stephanie says:

    Hope you make a comeback soon 😉
    Loved all your recepies!

  21. Hello Sue,

    Please come back!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I stumbled across your blog 6 months ago and LOVE IT! I check back every now and than in hopes you are writing again. My husband and I are living in Korea for 2 years and your recipes have been so helpful.
    Thank you,


  23. iwould love to learn to make Dak Kalguksu. i will be waiting until you post the recipe. cheers!

  24. I’m sorry to see you never came back. I’ll add you to my google reader though, just in case you do. You have a great site.

  25. ):
    expecting you!

  26. hey there
    been a regular since I’ve found your blog

    waiting for your good food stuff 😀 yummy!

    do join in to this pinger blogsite http://www.ozbloggers.com to share your blog with others… there are a few food bloggers there too 😀

  27. Cake Eater says:

    Hi, I had found the Evil Jungle Prince’s Korean Food Blog thru yours and he used to have a great list of cookbooks he liked. I’m looking for his blog but seems that his desertmodernism site is no longer operating?… what a bummer, it had a lot of good info! Do you know how to find him or do you know of any of his books?… I’m looking for a good Thai, Korean, southeast Asian… Is there a way to be notified if you’re going to stop blogging?… don’t want the same thing to happen with your site! Thanks!

  28. I love your site and your recipes.
    If only someone would cook like that for me all the time.

  29. There’s so many reciepes there!!!!!!!
    Miam miam 😉

  30. Hi Sue, great blog! Kim from KoreanClass101.com sent you an email. Let me know when you get a chance to read. Thx!

  31. Fantastic flowers! Looking forward to more Korean food…

  32. she ain’t ever coming back

  33. Sue

    We miss you!

    Please post more!

  34. Just found your page by chance! Fantastic! Has all I need to get started with my new project – to be able to serve an all-korean-dinner 😀

  35. Gorgeous!

  36. Hello… am i mistaken, or are the pictures really taken last year? (2007, that is?)


  37. I really like your site, and I like Korean food. I just have to link your site to my community website. Here it is directory. Your readers can also vote for it too by giving it a star here. Thank you for sharing so many beautiful recipes!

  38. Looks yummy. I need something warm

  39. are you ever coming back!?!?

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