Handcrafted Fine Korean Pottery Tableware

Korean party food with white porcelain

Today our little excursion to Korean pottery art and its history is brought to you by Huue Craft. I'm going to talk about beautifully handcrafted fine Korean pottery tableware today. Ever sine I … [Read more...]

Korean BBQ Grill Plate

BBQ Grill Plate (Top)

Are you looking into buying a table top BBQ grill so that you can enjoy Korean style BBQ at home? Then read on! While it's not exhaustive, the below points highlight a few basic things you should … [Read more...]

Popcorn Maker Giveaway! Are you interested?

Pop corn maker

I love pop corn. But whenever I tried to make pop corn in the wok, it always burnt or didn't turn out very well. So I searched the internet and found this pop corn maker. It was in the … [Read more...]

Stainless wok

Stainless wok and pan

I finally bought a stainless wok and frying pan. Yea~ for me. I've been longing to have one for ages and ages and I finally found good ones at Homeplus today. They didn't have these 2 weeks ago … [Read more...]

Tefal Mini Oven (8.5L)

Tefal mini oven

This is a picture of my TEFAL mini oven. (Photo credit: http://www.tefal.co.kr/) I bought this oven about year ago. I would have bought a big built in oven if I was going to stay in Korea … [Read more...]

This is the “Rice Cooker”

Cuckcoo rice cooker

This is my rice cooker. I bought it about 6 months ago. Whenever I travel overseas and still need to cook myself, I really miss having this rice cooker. Because I don't need to worry about spilling … [Read more...]

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Never Miss a New Recipe

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