Korean BBQ Grill Plate

BBQ Grill Plate (Top)

Are you looking into buying a table top BBQ grill so that you can enjoy Korean style BBQ at home? Then read on! While it's not exhaustive, the below points highlight a few basic things you should … [Read more...]

Popcorn Maker Giveaway! Are you interested?

Pop corn maker

I love pop corn. But whenever I tried to make pop corn in the wok, it always burnt or didn't turn out very well. So I searched the internet and found this pop corn maker. It was in the … [Read more...]

Stainless wok

Stainless wok and pan

I finally bought a stainless wok and frying pan. Yea~ for me. I've been longing to have one for ages and ages and I finally found good ones at Homeplus today. They didn't have these 2 weeks ago … [Read more...]

Tefal Mini Oven (8.5L)

Tefal mini oven

This is a picture of my TEFAL mini oven. (Photo credit: http://www.tefal.co.kr/) I bought this oven about year ago. I would have bought a big built in oven if I was going to stay in Korea … [Read more...]

This is the “Rice Cooker”

Cuckcoo rice cooker

This is my rice cooker. I bought it about 6 months ago. Whenever I travel overseas and still need to cook myself, I really miss having this rice cooker. Because I don't need to worry about spilling … [Read more...]