Korean Restaurant Visit – Korean Garden (Korean Chinese Restaurant) in Brisbane

Jjamppong  (Korean spicy seafood noodle soup)

I visited Korean Garden, a Korean Chinese restaurant, a few months back with my sister on our sisterhood bonding day. I still clearly remember how adventurous the day was. My sister and I originally … [Read more...]

Korean Restaurant Visit – Maru in Brisbane

Dolsot Jjajang Tonkatsu

I have a monthly play date day with my sister. We live in the same house but we don’t actually get to spend much time together, so we started this play date thing about two months ago. We go out for … [Read more...]

Korean Restaurant Visit – Midam in Brisbane

Bibim Naengmyeon and Galbijjim

We've had a plan to go to a Korean grocery store since last Monday. As the Lunar New Years Day is approaching fast (10th February, this year), we decided to venture out a bit further for our Korean … [Read more...]

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