Yubu Kimbap (Kimbap with Seasoned Deep Fried Tofu Pouches)

Yubu Kimbap in a Lunchbox

The one thing I miss about Korea is convenience. You can get most kinds of food delivered to you at your door very easily without incurring any additional charges. If an item you are looking for is … [Read more...]

Tuna Rolls (Chamchi Kimbap)

Tuna Rolls (Chamchi Kimbap in Korean)1

Chamchi Kimbap (참치김밥) is my favourite type of Kimbap. It has a savory taste and the smell from perilla leaves (Ggaennip, 깻잎) and tuna is just well balanced. I haven't made it myself until today … [Read more...]

Beef Kimbap and Tuna Kimbap from Kimgane (Sogogi Kimbap and Chamchi Kimbap in Korean)

Sogogi Kimbap and Chamchi Kimbap

Kimgane is my favourite Kimbap place in Korea. One shop I will definitely miss when I move to Australia. On the way home, after grocery shopping on Sunday, we stopped at Kimgane to get some Kimbap. … [Read more...]