Seven Perfect Korean Rainy Day Foods

Seven Perfect Korean Rainy Day Food

(Note: I know above image only captures six Korean dishes not seven. The image of 7th Korean dish is not mine, so I didn't want to include it in the collage. :) ) In the last 6 to 9 months I … [Read more...]

Kimchi Pancakes (Kimchi Buchimgae)

Kimchi Pancakes (Kimchi Buchimgae)

During my long holiday, I made this delicious, crunchy, savoury and super easy Kimchi Pancakes (Kimchi Buchimgae, 김치부침개 or Kimchi Jeon, 김치전). I haven't made this for a very long time so I thought it's … [Read more...]

Korean Potato Pancakes (Gamja Jeon: 감자전)

Korean Potato Pancakes (Gamja Jeon) 1

It's been a very hot sizzling summer season this year. I've been wishing for a decent heavy rain and my wish was granted late last week. But perhaps I should have specified how much rain for how long … [Read more...]

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