Kimbap Places in Korea

Kimbap Nara

I remember buying some rolls of Kimbab couple of years ago. There was a shop called "Kimbap Nara" (김밥나라) and they sold Kimbap for 1000 won. (About US $1 that time) It was so sensational because it … [Read more...]

Sushi from Homeplus

Homeplus sushi

Whenever I go to Homeplus (big supermarket), there is a corner I always keep an eye on. It is a sushi corner. I often buy sushi at Homeplus. Only when it is cheap though. Its usual price is 400-600 … [Read more...]

Tefal Mini Oven (8.5L)

Tefal mini oven

This is a picture of my TEFAL mini oven. (Photo credit: I bought this oven about year ago. I would have bought a big built in oven if I was going to stay in Korea … [Read more...]

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Never Miss a New Recipe

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