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Beef Kimbap and Tuna Kimbap from Kimgane (Sogogi Kimbap and Chamchi Kimbap)

Kimgane is my favourite Kimbap place in Korea. One shop I will definitely miss when I move to Australia.


On the way home, after grocery shopping on Sunday, we stopped at Kimgane to get some Kimbap. We’d been shopping for about 2 hours, so we couldn’t wait until we get home. As usual, it was very crowded, though I remind you it is a quite small size shop.

I ordered Chamchi Kimbap (참치김밥, Tuna Kimbap) and Sogogi Kimbap (소고기 김밥, Beef Kimbap).
Both are 2500 won each (US $2.60).

Kimgane kimbap packed1

While a lady was making Chamchi Kimbap, I was carefully watching her to learn how to roll it. (It is slightly different to making vegetable kimbap) I could feel my eyes were flaming out of eagerness to learn. 😉 Hopefully I can demonstrate well for my readers next time when I make it. 😀

When we got home, I unpacked them like a beast.

Kimgane kimbap packed2

I tasted Sogogi Kimbap first. I expected it to taste like bulgogi, but it didn’t. (I can’t guarantee though, I think it is just marinated with soy sauce.) However, they both were really good, yet I still like Chamchi Kimbap best. Two thumbs up!

Sogogi Kimbap and Chamchi Kimbap
  • Left – Sogogi Kimbap (Beef Kimbap)
  • Right – Chamchi Kimbap (Tuna Kimbap)

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Written by: Sue

Last Updated: May 13, 2019

Hi, I'm Sue and I am the creator of My Korean Kitchen. Thank you for joining me in this delicious culinary journey!

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16 thoughts on “Beef Kimbap and Tuna Kimbap from Kimgane (Sogogi Kimbap and Chamchi Kimbap)”

  1. I also love chamchi kimbap but everytime i will slice my homemade kimbap their shape deteriorates…any tips on how to slice kimbap properly? thank you so much!!!

    • put some sesami oil on the wrap gently put some sesami oil on the tip of your finger than roll it on the sea weed wrap then add tiny abit of water on the knife before cutting it will be smooth and straight.

  2. Hi Sally,

    You must have liked Gamjatang a lot. I tried it only once and I didn’t like it. I must have been to a really bad restaurant. I don’t have a gamjatang recipe either, though one day I might.

    Hi Pepy,

    I will be very glad to hear your reviews. 🙂

    Hi Kat,

    Thanks, now I don’t have to wonder what to expect for that bulgogi sushi. 🙂

  3. Wow…. this looks so good!!!

    How is the chamchi kimbap different? Just put tuna other vegetables right?

    It looks damn good though….

    I LOVE your blog…

    oh by the way, I had Kamja tang (potato soup) when I went to KOrea for holiday. Do you have the recipe?

  4. Hi Kat,

    Is it a kind of a sushi roll? I think I’ve seen them in Australia, though I’ve never tried any. I seemed to have California roll or teriyaki chicken all the time. 🙂 I should try bugogi rolls too.

    Hi Pepy,

    Chamchi Kimbap is really yummy. It has mayonnaise inside, so it makes good harmony with the tuna. I am going to make a post about it one day. Hopefully before I move to Australia.
    I don’t own “cradle of flavor” nor have I read it, it is on my wish list.
    Do you know much about it? I am going to order couple of cook books before Christmas, yet I am still searching for more informations.
    As you know, there are thousands of cook books.

    Hi Beloved,

    I know. I am so exited about it. 🙂
    Though my husband seem to enjoying the attention. Haha 😉

  5. I remember well those stares my husband and I used to get. It didn’t bother me as much as it did him. We also lived in a town with few foreigners. That’s one thing you won’t have to worry about anymore when you move to Australia! :o)

  6. hmmm I want that chamchi kimbap, i never had that kind of kimbap before. I had beef and vegetable kimbap.
    anyway, have you got/read the book “cradle of flavor” by james oseland?

  7. There is a Korean market in Hawaii which sells a sushi that has watercress and bulgogi (the sweet & salty beef) in it. These kind of reminded me of them.

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