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  1. Ann Castaneda says:

    Sue, Since you speak Korean and know Korean food, I wonder if you could help me? My father is writing a book about his experiences in the Korean War. He is trying to remember a couple of Korean words that he learned there, but I think he may be way off. He says the Korean word for plain cooked brown rice sounded like “go hung” rice to him and that the
    word(s) good or very good sounded like “jo toe”. Do you have any idea what the actual words may have been?

  2. Hi!

    I’m traveling to visit my brother in Seoul for Christmas, do you know of any gluten free options other than rice? Or can you recommend places to eat? I love you site and was hoping you had some suggestions for food.

    Thanks and I look forward to hearing back from you!


  3. Hi again! My last message was incomplete…XD

    I wanted to ask if you know “Momoya kimchee base”, because I read online that it’s nothing like the real kimchee, that uses gochugaru. Is it similar to gochujang in taste?

    Again, thank you for sharing this nice blog! ^o^


    • Hi Ayu, I hope you enjoy my pork bone soup and bibimbap recipes. I’ve never heard of momoya kimchee base. Though in general homemade Kimchi base doesn’t use gochujang. So I don’t think it would taste similar to gochujang.

  4. Hi Sue!
    I recently ordered Gochujang (and Gochugaru), because I must try some of your korean recipes! (the first ones will be the pork bone soup and bibimbap >_ ◡ < )


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