Stainless wok

I finally bought a stainless wok and frying pan. Yea~ for me.

I’ve been longing to have one for ages and ages and I finally found good ones at Homeplus today. They didn’t have these 2 weeks ago when I checked.

This is a picture of the wok and pan I bought.

Stainless wok and pan

  • Top – price for the wok (26cm): 28,900 won (US $30.50)
  • Bottom – price for the pan (28cm): 27,900 won (US $29.40)

Made by “Hanil stainless” -Korean company

Before these, I was using a Tefal wok and pan. At that time I didn’t know anything about good woks and pans. I was very careful not to scratch the Tefal one. But the coat started to scratch off after using it for about 8 month, and it got worse every day. I visited all the kitchenware shops in this town, but I couldn’t find a stainless wok or pan anywhere. (I tried to find some on the internet, but they were very expensive, because they were imported from the German company Schulte-Ufer.) Is it well known company?

Anyhow I am so excited to cook from tomorrow.

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  1. Can anyone the quality and telephone number of Empress Wok?

    Thanks. Richy

  2. Enlightenment says:

    “German company Schulte-Ufer.) Is it well known company?”

    I asked a German native

    “Nope, never heard of it until now.
    Best are probably: Edelstahl-Wok (stainless steel), Gusseisen Woks (cast iron) and 3-Schicht-Wok (although that one contains aluminium, but maybe needed for induction cooking plates)…”

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