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This is the “Rice Cooker”

Cuckcoo rice cooker

Update: Check out my new rice cooker from here!

This is my rice cooker.
Whenever I travel overseas and still need to cook myself, I really miss having this rice cooker. Because I don’t need to worry about spilling water when rice boils, it never burns or sticks in the pot, and it always gives me perfect textured rice.

It’s a pressure cooker and it seems to make the rice sticker and shinier than just a normal electric rice cooker. It has different menu settings for white rice only, brown or grain mixed rice, and sushi/gimbap rice. It can also cook sponge cake and steamed stew or meat etc (but I haven’t tried sponge cake with it yet).

It is absolutely my gem among other kitchenware and very convenient to use.

I usually cook a mix of brown and white rice – 1:1 (for 2 people), it takes about 25-30 minutes. However if I cook only white rice (for 2 people) it takes only 15 minutes.

Lastly, if you can’t use up the rice for one meal then just leave it in the rice cooker. However, it is best not to store it for more than 24 hours, because it’s not as delicious as it could be and the rice starts to dry out. It also may smell and discolor. 

(Photo credit: http://www.cuckoo.co.kr/)

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58 thoughts on “This is the “Rice Cooker””

  1. Actually, the bacteria that grow on rice are some of the worst for food poisoning on earth. It’s why restaurants that serve a lot of rice have more problems with food poisoning. It has nothing to do with the quality of the restaurant. It’s just statistically more likely to happen because of all the rice. You should NEVER leave rice out after the first day.

    • I absolutely agree! Also, for the sake of saving the electricity bill (from the rice cooker), I transfer the rice out and put it in an airtight container then transfer it into the fridge or freezer. 🙂

  2. So which program would I choose for brown rice, if I want it as soft as white rice. Somehow I cannot find an answer.
    Thks in advance

    • I’d use multigrain rice setting. To make the brown rice soft, you will have to add more water than when you cook white rice. Some people even for further step by soaking the brown rice in water for a few hours beforehand. Hope this helps.

  3. Hello. Can someone recommend me a talking electric cooker in Portuguese? unfortunately I do not speak Korean, my English is not good, but I was delighted and amazed by Cuckoo’s pans. I’m blind and I’m looking for talking cookers in Portuguese. Cuckoo, do not you?

  4. I know this is an old post. I don’t have a Cuckoo rice cooker, but I do have a Zojirushi and I had a similar difficulty cleaning the place where the steam comes out. I figured out that if I fold up a paper towel into a small tube, I can tuck it into the ring around the steam vent. Then that soaks up all the water and wipes away the residue when I take the paper towel out. Good rice cookers are so helpful in the kitchen!

  5. Hi Sue,

    thanks for this post! My question is: do you still use this rice cooker you bought in 2006? Or did you replace it with another one?
    I am looking for a really durable one. My parents have a Hitachi from decades ago. And it still lasts.


    • Hi Martin,
      I currently own a newer version of Cuckoo rice cooker, which I bought about 2 years ago. My old one (same one from the blog post above) was still functioning at that time but I wanted a better improved version of rice cooker for easy cleaning and also I could see that it was wearing down a bit. Reminds you, the rice cooker I bought was to be used in 220V environment but I used it in 230V environment.
      I’m very happy with my current rice cooker and I like Cuckoo brand. 🙂

  6. Hello! I realize this thread is VERY old, but I wanted to know if someone could explain what the “high heat” option does? My cooker says (in English) “____ high heating power” whether it’s glutinous or mixed. How is this different from Turbo? Thank you!

    • Hi sskyy, can you please describe “the action” you do, to hear “high heat” option? Because my cooker doesn’t say that. I do have the turbo option as well. They are for fast rice cooking. I will see whether I can duplicate the same process as you do to hear the high heat option.

  7. Hi Sue,

    I have a cuckoo rice cooker as well and it doesn’t have any white rice option, it just starts with glutinous rice like maruchan below. It doesn’t have a baekmi option either, basically just glutinous rice, mixed rice, gaba, and then the high heat options for those. There is an option for less sticky glutinous rice and that may be the closest thing I can think of that would be correct. Do you have any information on what might be the best setting?



  8. Hi, nice blog and thanks for sharing the info.
    I have just recently purchased a cuckoo rice cooker. The first choice on the menu selection is “glutinous rice”. Is this what Koreans mean by normal white rice? Because apparently Glutinous rice means sticky rice in Chinese and it’s a different kind of rice than the normal white rice. Thank you!

    • Like you said, glutinous rice is Not normal white rice. Normal white rice is called ‘Baekmi 백미’ in Korean. It’s weird. The first choice is usually this Baekmi, at least in my case.

      • Hi Sue,
        Thanks for your prompt reply.
        I will have a look at my rice cooker again and see if I can find Baekmi as a selection. Thanks heaps.
        I am so happy to come across your blog. It’s awesome! Must try some of your delicious recipes.
        I am glad I have you so I can be assured that my rice cooker will be working ^_^ (at least some day… ha ha )…
        There are so many safety issues to read about before starting to use the pressure cooker. Is it really that dangerous?

        • Hi Maruchan, I hope you can find the Baekmi setting. Does your cuckoo speak both Korean and English? (My current one even speaks Chinese.) Anyway, in terms of a safety issue, I had no problem using the above rice cooker for over 7 years (purchased from Korea and mostly used in Australia with a power adaptor). I recently upgraded it to a newer model of cuckoo though. (I bought it from Korea to use in Australia again. I was concerned about the power voltage issue this time as my new one seem more sophisticated, but it’s been great so far. – I have used it for about 7 weeks so far.) My husband is raving about how great this machine is. I will do a review post about it, though, I want to use it a few more months to discover more functionality. I hope you enjoy your new cuckoo. There are many other food you can make with this rice cooker as well. It’s a multi cooker. 😀

          • Hi Sue,

            Thank you so much for your friendly advice ^_^~~~ I am in Australia too! Is your power adaptor a mere adaptor or a voltage convertor? I might consider getting one from Korea next time if it’s a simple convertor that I need.
            I am looking forward to your review post ^_^ (no pressure).
            I will have a good look at my cuckoo on the weekend. I don’t think it speaks English though… (I think that’s what the Korean shop owner told me). Baekmi ..Baekmi…I hope I can find it *O*
            Thank you Sue~~~~~
            We are so lucky to have you~~~

          • Hi Maruchan, I just use a power adaptor (to change the power plug shape) not a voltage converter. (I think you can get it for around $10-$30 at Big W). I bought it so long ago that I can’t remember where I bought it. Yeah, I was thinking of ordering one from a Korean store in Australia, but the models they have are a lot older than what you can get from Korea. So I took some risks of ordering one from Korea. Because, if it breaks it’s not covered under warranty and I thought I could potentially blow my house etc. 🙂 – Though, my hubby said this is unlikely. Anyway, so far it’s been great! Stay tuned for my review post.

          • Hi Maruchan,
            I just found out that my cuckoo rice cooker said glutinous rice for Baekmi (which is really ‘white rice’ in direct translation) in English. I normally cook mixed/multi-grain rice so I didn’t noticed this before. But it surprised me for sure! Maybe I should let Cuckoo know about the confusion it’s causing to English speaker!

          • Hi Sue,

            Thank you for the clarification. That solved my problem ^_^/ I thought I had a wrong user manual at one stage…Your help is very much appreciated!!
            (it’s funny how there wasn’t a reply button directly underneath your most recent message so I had to reply to your old message).
            BTW, I just noticed from your facebook that you are due to have a baby soon.
            Congrats and please take care. Wish you a smooth delivery and a cute and healthy baby ^O^… I hope to still see you often after the baby’s arrival but please don’t overwork yourself.

          • No problem! Yeah, I was wondering about the “reply” issue too. The website must limit the number of replies you can have due to the space limit. (I’m not sure!) Anyway, thanks for your best wishes about my baby.
            I do hope to have some energy/time to keep this blog and my other social media sites up and running. 🙂

    • where is the video? my rice cooker smells really bad when the rice is cooking and the rice doesn’t last not even a day. any suggestions?

  9. Hi Everyone,
    I live in the Netherlands and I would like to buy a rice cooker which can speaks and plays sounds. I have found out that cuckoo is the best in Korea. Can you recommend me a good rice cooker with those abilities and which is not too expensive. Maybe you can give me a website.

    Thanks in advance!

  10. Bought my cuckoo last year, but havent use it, as desperately need an english manual. Can someone help me with the english manual? The model i bought is CRP LX1010FR

  11. To whom may it concern,

    I have bought the pricey cuckoo rice cooker about an year and a half ago but I can not figure out what is wrong with the cooker. It’s not sticky nor shinier as it used to cook when I first bought.
    I thought it was my mistake at first, not putting enough water but that wasn’t the problem even if I put more water to cook. Cooked rice is all loose and and there is no shine to it.
    Is it possible for me to have it replaced, if so where should I send it to.
    Model that I purchased is: CRP-0610F
    I would love to hear from the customer service department if possible.

    thank you,
    Louise Choi

    • I had the same problem… My problem’s solved and I think there’s two cures.
      1. Before you cook rice or mixture of others, put water (same as you would normally)and leave it for about 15-40 minutes uncooked. If you don’t have time at least wait 5 minutes. It will come out
      quite good.
      I think the problem is rice because I started going different market and the rice came out completly different everytime. So you should try to get fresher rice and soak it before…when you soak it the water may seem too little cuz it’s been soaked up, but never put more water and just cook.

      • ARe you sure you are using the correct setting? my Cuckoo only speaks Korean, so its a bit tricky, but my g/f told me how to use it for normal, sticky rice and as a pressure cooker.

  12. I bought the Cuckoo Rice cooker….and it is AMAZING!!!! It is a little bit pricey but worth it. I cook my chicken caccitore in rice cooker its amazing. The chicken literally melts in your mouth….

  13. This is the website that I went into. The writing is so tiny but you can find the manual there…PS I still love my sticky rice. And FYI the purple rice is jak gok….Best try this rice!!!!

    • Read your comment about an english manual for the Cuckoo cooker, but the website you found did not show on your post. Would you mind emailing it to me? I have a model CRP-FA0550SI that I brought from Korea, (by way of South Africa) and while a friend gave a simple explanation of the controls, and I can cook white rice, it sure would be great to be able to use my cooker to its full potential.
      Devon Bond in Oregon

  14. Its heavily overpriced..Speaks Only Korean..Comes without English Instructions..No idea how to use High Pressure Cooking function.My comment is ..don’t touch it as there are better quality Rice Cookers out there at a much better price, that come with appropriate Instructions.



  16. Finally!!! I found this website. I guess they are the importers of the Korean rice cooker Cuckoo and they have all the PDF formats for the manual in English!!! I love my sticky rice. And the brown rice is so delicious~ Does anyone know where to get the purple rice? I ate it at a korean BBQ resturaunt. What is it called?

    • It’s not purple rice. It’s another grain added to the rice that makes it purple. I get it at the local (korea) 5 day market (market day). But I don’t know what it’s called.

      • I don’t know the name too but try coing any korean market or any market. The rice is long grain and should have black color… Mix with white rice buy about 7(white):3(black) or less on black…Mising barley or sweet rice or some black beans and etc is also good..

  17. Seems the Korean rice cookers are the best now. I need a slow cooker with the tofu function as well as the rice. Which brand model is better? The Cuckoo or the more expensive LiHom? And finally who sells them with the best selection and price online? thanks.

  18. Dear V,

    I just bought my cuckoo rice cooker from Korean and it seems a bit more complicated than i thought. No english instructions.Was hoping you can download or send my yr english version of directions. at least i can try to match the words with letters.

    really looking fwd to using it.

    much appreciated. tks.

  19. Thanks for all the info, but I too do not understand Korean and can not seem to get a good final product. I have played around with the ratios a few times. I could keep trying, but maybe you can assist me. I just want white rice, nothing else. I bought this rice cooker b/c the guy at the asian market said it was the best. I would greatly appreciate some help. I wish he would have told me that the directions and the unit itself only spoke Korean. Thanks.

  20. I love my Cuckoo! I purchased it about a month ago and love it. The rice comes out so divinely. I have played with the various settings in making my own recipes. The only problem is that the Cookbook is in Korean and there isn’t an English version. I would love to try some of the recipes but unfortunately don’t understand Korean. If you have any Korean recipes that I can use with my Cuckoo please direct me to them. Thanks!


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