Glutinous Black Rice Cakes

Glutinous Black Rice Cakes

Michael brought some interesting looking rice cakes from school today. He said one of his colleagues gave them to him. He tends to bring food home from school when he isn’t sure about it, so I am basically a his poison tester. :) I haven’t seen these kind of rice cake before so I didn’t know what it was called at first.

I tasted a bit, it was glutinous and sweet. It has some beans, seeds, and Chinese red dates, as you can see, it looks and feels really healthy too.

When I confirmed that it is not contaminated, Michael had small bite too (he has some allergies). He liked it and he asked for more bites.

I researched on the internet a little bit and not long after I found what it is called. It is called Hkmi Chal Ddeok (흑미찰떡) in Korean, which means glutinous black rice cake. So I added this rice cake on my do recipe list.

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  1. Looks like a tasty healthy snack. I gotta find a recipe and try myself.

  2. looking for a recipe similar to the glutinous rice cake.. but the one i tasted had pumpkin, not beans. it was so yummy, please help. cant find recipe anywhere?

  3. Can you please test and find a recipe?PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  4. It looks delicious. Do you have the recipe?

  5. Hi tigerfish,

    I say it is cake-like(chewy), but good chewy texture. :)
    Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Nice to pass by your blog again after meeting you in Probloggers project. Are they cake-like (chewy) or biscuit-like(crispy)? They look like pretty black rice cookies to me.

  7. Yes, I think I have to mix black rice with glutinous rice. Is there purple rice? I hope I make this rice cake right. 😀

  8. that does look healthy. I wonder if you have to mix black/purple rice with mochi rice? Look forward to your version.

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