Korean BBQ Grill Plate

Are you looking into buying a table top BBQ grill so that you can enjoy Korean style BBQ at home? Then read on! While it’s not exhaustive, the below points highlight a few basic things you should consider when choosing a Korean BBQ grill plate.

I asked my mom who owned a Korean restaurant for nearly two decades for her advice because she had plenty of chances to buy BBQ grill plates for her restaurant.

The below three points are what she considers:-

  • Affordability – Not too expensive
  • Weight – Not too heavy plate (easy to lift and wash)
  • Usability – Easy to clean (its coating shouldn’t scratch off), well-built oil draining system, fits on the portable burner, safety from the oil splashing.

Keeping in mind the above points, below is a picture of my BBQ grill plate I used for my samgyeopsal party the other day. This is a typical style of Korean BBQ grill plate.

BBQ Grill Plate (Top)

(Front – if you see closely, there is a blocking bolt in the core. You need to unscrew it with your hands to drain the oil. Two separated parts in both corner are for baking garlic and chilies etc. You can also place the cooked meat to keep it warm while preventing overcooked meat.)

BBQ Grill Plate (Back)

(Back – Those four legs are to sit on the portable burner.)

BBQ Grill Plate (Side)

(Side – Oil comes out through this channel, so you need to put a bowl to catch the oil near the exit)

I did my best to get the best quality grill for its price at Homeplus the other day. If I give it a score where 5 is the highest, I will give it 4.3 out of 5.

Point details

  • Affordability: 4/5
  • Weight: 5/5
  • Overall usability: 4/5
    • Easy to clean – 3/5 (I think it will scratch off eventually)
    • Well built oil draining system – 4/5 (It was slightly blocked inside until we cleaned it out)
    • Fits to the portable burner – 5/5
    • Safety from the oil splashing – 4/5
BBQ Grill Plate (Case)

Product made by Kitchen art/ 14,900 won (US $15.70)

If you don’t open the core bolt, you can cook meat with juice like Bulgogi (Marinated beef). I haven’t tried it yet though, if I do, I will let you know how it turns out. Now, I hope you can buy your BBQ grill plate with some confidence. 😉

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  1. Hi Sue,

    I’m glad I read this post. I’m looking to buy a korean bbq grill for my husband who loves korean food. Just that I’m yet unable to buy this in India. Would you know dealers who sell that there?

    I had another question regarding this plate – would this work on top of an electric plate? We don’t have a portable gas burner, but would still like to use it on the table. Please suggest!


    • Hi Garima, I don’t know any dealers who would sell this BBQ plate in India. Is there any Korean grocery stores? They should have it. Some selective US amazon stores might ship internationally as well. If not, try e-bay? Also I don’t think this works on an electric plate. It’s meant to be sit on a portable gas burner. You see, there’s 4 legs specifically designed to fit the portable gas burner? A portable gas burner shouldn’t be too expensive as well. I recently bought mine in Australia for $30. I hope you can buy the bbq grill plate (and maybe the portable gas burner too!).

  2. Patricia says:

    where can i get this grill plate a

  3. Penny Welch says:

    Do have a supplier of these Korean BBQ plates in Australia, preferably Victoria.

  4. I found some good Korean pans (coated ones and stone ones..) at my local Korean grocery stores. You would also find Korean rice cookers there. Ask the owners.

  5. I am so confused and would be grateful for your help. I search and search to find a Korean indoor table barbeque grill to buy like the one where I ate in Japan. They called it Japanese barbeque but my friend said it is not Japanese but really Korean barbeque. We all sat around the table and put on the grille our own choices of fish, meat and vegetables. It was wonderful. I cannot find any place that sells it or even a small table top one. It looks like the one pictured on this site fits on a stove, not table top? Can anyone please help? Thank you.

  6. Sarah Callaham says:

    Sue,I am looking for that grill plate and porteable burner that you mentioned in your web-site. I miss korea so much and would like to share koreas great food experiences with my friends here and it is difficult to find korean kitchenware here.Please e-mail me back as soon as you have free time to do so.Thank You

  7. Hi Sue,

    I have been looking for a grill pan for a long time for my dad. Do you know where i can buy a grill pan made from cooper in Korea?



  8. Saw the article about the BBQ grill plate but could not
    figure out hot to purchase one for my husband. He lived
    Korea for nearly a year and enjoyed very much the cooking
    and has made many great dishes. He’ll go nuts over this..
    Thank you.
    Ana (Greater Los Angeles/Riverside Calif area)

  9. michelle,

    The tabletop propane stove like you mentioned is the right kind to use.
    It’s what I use at home, and many restaurants in Korea use them as well, to save putting gas pipes in.

    So use a portable gas stove and a grill plate like in this post and that should cook well for most Korean style BBQ.

  10. Hi Kimberly,

    My mom lives in Korea and she got the BBQ table at a kitchenware shop in Korea. Those kitchenware shops usually specialize in restaurant kitchenware and are easily available.
    If you are not in Korea, well I have no idea. Is there a Korean kitchenware shop where you live? If you are not sure, ask the restaurant owner.

  11. Kimberly says:

    Hi, Thanks for the info. If I would like to buy a Korean BBQ table (for my backyard party) like the one in the Korean restaurant, where can I get one? Where did your mom buy the table for her restaurant?
    There are a few people who want to know this, see below:



  12. michelle says:

    Hi Sue,
    I live in an area where there is only one korean restaurant and they do the cooking in the kitchen, so it is not fun or appetizing when it arrives at the table. I bought an indoor grill for the purpose of doing bulgogi but the heat intensity is not enough, so it was given as a gift to someone who could make use of it. I was browsing on the internet and found a korean bbq plate and started researching on how to use it, and happened on your blog site. Would you give me some advice on what I would need to set up my own bbq at home? I only have an inkling of a clue on how to set up, maybe a propane tabletop stove with a bbq plate on top?
    Thanks so much for any advice you can provide.

  13. Thanks so much Sue!!! I was checking online for camera reviews and both of the cameras you recommended got great reviews!! Thanks heaps!!! 😀

  14. Joyce,

    I am not an expert yet, but I will do my best to help you cooking Korean food. :)

    About my camera:

    I am still learning about photography. I used to use a Canon PowerShot S45 , but I bought an SLR camera just 2 months ago, so since then I am using it. It is a Canon Digital Rebel XTi 10.1MP (400D or Canon Kiss digital X in some other countries), and I am totally in love with it. It is just so good.

    My lense is a Canon EF 50mm f1.4 USM (I just bought it a week ago), which works brilliantly. Before that I was using an 18-55mm f 3.5-5.6 standard lense.

    The 50mm lense is great, because it takes clear pictures without needing extra light.

  15. hi Sue!!

    thanks for sharing your culinary adventures!! I m so excited to be able to learn from you!!! 😀

    I like the photos u have taken…can u pls tell me which brand n model that u will recommended for taking food pictures??

    thank you very much!!!!


  16. That grill pan looks really easy to clean and a good size. Thanks for the advice!

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