Korean Restaurant Visit – Midam in Brisbane

Bibim Naengmyeon

Bibim Naengmyeon

We’ve had a plan to go to a Korean grocery store since last Monday. As the Lunar New Years Day is approaching fast (10th February, this year), we decided to venture out a bit further for our Korean grocery shopping needs. Our local Korean grocery store is only 5 mins drive from us and we do most of our Korean grocery shopping there. It is the only Korean grocer in the north side of Brisbane, but we don’t like that place as much. They don’t have as many products available as the southern stores.

The point is, I wanted to the make most out of this outing. The last time we went to the opposite side of town for Korean grocery shopping was like.. 6 years ago. Yeah, when I first immigrated from Korea.

I had this particular food that I wanted to try for about two months. That was Naengmyeon (Korean cold noodles)! I wanted to try both versions – one served in cold icy water (Mul Naengmyeon 물냉면) and one served in spicy sauce (Bibim Naengmyeon 비빔냉면). So I looked vigorously through the local Korean Sunday newspaper (made for Gyopo) to find a possible place we could visit, and BINGO!

The place I chose was Midam (미담), which means a delicious story/conversation. Oh I already like it! Brisbane Midam

Their specialty seems to be Korean charcoal BBQ, with all you can eat buffet available for AUD $25. From the outside, the store seems small, but inside was quite big and modern. They had one of the nicest interiors for a Korean restaurant I have seen in a while.

Midam inside

We sat down and after intensely staring at the lunch menu, we ordered Bibim Naengmyeon (#7 from the below menus) for me and Galbijjim (#5) for Michael. I was really hoping Michael would eat Mul Naengmyeon (#6) but he said cold noodles are not his kind of thing! (My eyes and mouth opened wide because of the shock.) So I was a bit upset because I didn’t get to taste both versions of Naengmyeon. :( Also it made my decision really hard, choosing between Bibim Naengmyeon and Mul Naengmyeon.

Midam Summer Lunch Menu 1

Midam Summer Lunch Menu 2

While I was waiting for the food to arrive, I played with my little camera. (I didn’t take my SLR as I didn’t want to look like a food paparazzi. So the overall quality of the photos are not as good as they could be.)

Various Midam Image

(From the left – Cover for spoon and chopstics, range hood on our table, buzz to call a waiter and window decoration of Hunminjeongeum 훈민정음)

The food arrived only after 5 mins. How quick is that!

Midam Bibim Naengmyeon

 (Bibim Naengmyeon with lots of shaved ice, cucumber and seasoned radish – sweet, spicy, and chewy. Just as it should be)

Midam Galbijjim

(Galbijjim served with Korean radish and Korean vermichelli 당면 – Tender meat with adequately sweet and savoury flavour; it was serviced with a bowl of rice)

Midam Basic Side Dishes

 (Basic side dishes – Kimchi, Fish cake stir fry (어묵볶음) and mashed potato)

Nice! I was impressed with their fast service and mouth watering food presentation. After mixing the sauce well and with the assistance of a pair of scissors (to cut the chewy noodles), I enjoyed myself thoroughly! (so did Michael!)

Midam Bibim Naengmyeon mixed

Did I mention that this was my first time having Bibim Naengmyeon in 7-8 years? Yeah, it was extra tasty because of that I think! :) I will definitely revisit this place again.


  • Address: 3/21 Farne St Sunnybank Hills QLD 4109

  • Phone: (07) 3344 5001
  • Opening hours (open 7 days): Lunch – 12pm to 3 pm and Dinner – 5pm to 10 pm
  • Price: From AUD $9.80~ (great value for the money)
  • Standard caution: While overall service was good, like many typical Korean restaurants, they assume you know what to eat, how to eat it, and where to find things (such as the complimentary green tea, which Michael didn’t know where to get).

Midam Korean Charcoal BBQ on Urbanspoon

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