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Egg fried rice in a bowl

Breakfast Egg Fried Rice

Egg fried rice (Gyeran Bokkeumbap, 계란볶음밥) is a simple stir fried dish mainly using egg and rice. As many of you know, rice is a Korean staple food. Most Koreans would eat rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So it’s not uncommon to see people making some quick fried rice from early morning for breakfast. …

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Sweet Potato Latte |

Sweet Potato Latte (No Coffee)

Try this healthy and delicious Korean drink – Korean sweet potato latte recipe! Korean sweet potato latte is one of the most popular fall/winter drinks in Korea.  It has a velvety smooth texture and has a slightly sweet and a tint of savory taste. While subtle, its roasted sweet potato fragrance will give you a warm …

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Baked Ham and Egg Cups with Kimchi! On the go breakfast with a Korean twist! |

Ham and Egg Cups with Kimchi

Baked Ham and Egg Cups with Kimchi! On the go breakfast with a Korean twist! Every day I spend a couple of hours on Pinterest. When I’m waiting at a doctor’s clinic or at a bank, every time I have to wait for something, I dive into my Pinterest feeds. It’s such an powerful and …

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Korean Egg Bread (Gyeran Bbang) Recipe |

Korean Egg Bread (Gyeran Bbang)

Korean egg bread is a popular Korean street food. It makes a perfect brunch or snack. Now, let’s make it at home!  The other day I shared a photo of Korean street style egg bread (Gyeran bbang ,계란빵) on my Facebook page and one of the readers asked where the recipe was. I didn’t have it. …

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K-POP Food: Korean Flag Toast |

Korean Flag Toast (aka Gwangbokjeol Toast)

Easy Korean flag toast recipe! This toast is essentially eggs in a basket decorated into a Korean flag. This is perfect for breakfast, brunch or snacks! With Korean Independence Day (Gwangbokjeol, 광복절: 15th August) approaching, I thought I would introduce Korean food that fits into the theme. Today’s recipe is Korean flag toast aka Gwangbokjeol …

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