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Handcrafted Fine Korean Pottery Tableware

Discover fine Korean pottery tableware!

Korean party food served with white porcelain plates and bowls | MyKoreanKitchen.com
Korean party food served with white porcelain plates and bowls, photo by Huue Craft

I’m going to talk about beautifully handcrafted fine Korean pottery tableware today. Ever sine I started food blogging, I became obsessed with tableware. Whether it’s a simple side dish or soup, choosing appropriate tableware is a very important part of food photography. It affects the overall mood and atmosphere of food. Also you will probably decide whether or not you are going to try out my recipe based on this perceived look. Right?

Sometimes, though, particularly with Korean food, I think it is very difficult to express what the food really represents using western style tableware. In particular, traditional Korean food is known to be earthy, natural and healthy. And what better way to reflect this image than using handcrafted fine Korean pottery tableware?

Handcrafted Fine Korean Pottery Tableware | MyKoreanKitchen.com

Huue Craft kindly sent these beautiful earthy, elegant but modest handcrafted Korean plates and bowls for My Korean Kitchen. When I first opened the box I thought they don’t look anything like tableware. They look like art! The more closely I look at them and the more I touch around the rims of the plates and bowls, they really feel more like luxurious pottery.

Handcrafted Fine Korean Pottery Tableware | MyKoreanKitchen.com
Carved potter’s signature at the back of a bowl
Handcrafted Fine Korean Pottery Tableware | MyKoreanKitchen.com
Sky blue plates and bowl. Colours look similar to celadon, but they are not.

The tableware I received are made with white porcelain (Baekja, 백자) and buncheong (분청). They also carry celadon (Cheongja, 청자) types but I didn’t ask for them. Big regrets here! 😉

Now I want to quickly move the focus on to historically famous Korean celadon and buncheong. If you are an avid art lover or interested in Korean pottery, you have probably heard of them.

Korean Celadon Decorative Flower Plates
Korean celadon decorative flower plate. This lotus flower plate shows Buddhism influence over Korean culture. Photo by Huue Craft

Celadon (Cheonja, 청자) is a term for ceramics denoting both a type of glaze and a ware of celadon (color). It is normally pale green-blue in colour. It was a very popular type of ceramic in the Goryeo (고려) dynasty in Korea (10th to early 13th century).

Handcrafted Fine Korean Pottery Tableware | MyKoreanKitchen.com
Buncheong bowl with lid and buncheong square plate

On the other hand, Buncheong (분청) is a form of Korean traditional stoneware, with a blueish green tone.  It was very popular in the early Joseon (조선) dynasty replacing celadon in common use. However once white porcelain (Baekja, 백자) was introduced in the early 16th century, the use of buncheong dramatically diminished . (Wikipedia)

Handcrafted Fine Korean Pottery Tableware | MyKoreanKitchen.com
Mix of buncheong and celadon – I think this would be perfect for serving Korean tea and dessert
Handcrafted Fine Korean Pottery Tableware | MyKoreanKitchen.com
White porcelain plates and bowls

When I was learning Korean history back in my middle school and high school days in Korea, I always thought celadon and buncheong was only for a fancy decorative vase or a statue. It didn’t cross my mind that you could actually use them for day to day living at a dining table. I think the history textbooks should pay more attention to the life of the general public not just famous people or  some fancy artifact. That way, we can all relate better and remember more of our past. What do you think?

White porcelain and Korean celadon table setting
White porcelain and Korean celadon table setting, photo by Huue Craft

Now back to the tableware I was sent by Huue Craft – Amazingly, all of their handcrafted tableware are dishwasher and microwave safe. Also most of the products are oven safe. Talk about practicality, right? Anyway, I’m very thrilled to use these plates and bowls for my up coming recipes.

Huue Craft is an store based in Seoul, Korea that specialises in handcrafted finest Korean pottery tableware. Their tableware is crafted by five of the most renowned Korean potters in the country. I was given a few of their products, but no other compensation was given.

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  1. Hi Sue,
    I have a strange question. I am looking for a set of the little light blue bowls that many korean restraunts put the pan chan in. Do you know where I can find them?

  2. Enjoy eating Korean food for many years in California. I live in the Sacramento area and there are many Korean places to eat. With this shelter in place, one of my friends is doing bimbimbop on zoom for about 20 of us. I was just checking other recipes because I want to have the crispy rice on the bottom.
    Donna Ouchida

  3. Hi,
    I would like to get more information and possibly order the dishware from Huue Craft. Their website is under construction. Do you know how I can contact them ?
    Thank you,

        • Hi Janice, I think Huue Craft no longer sell these products internationally. (They used to a few years back.) I believe they are still around in Seoul, but they may have decided to focus on the Korean market.

          As for the Korean dinnerware in general, you can check Hwasoban (http://www.hsobanmall.com/). It’s another popular brand in Korea. Quite pricey though! Also, their website is in Korean.

  4. Hello Sue! I am traveling to Seoul in a few days and I was wondering if you knew any good stores for Korean hand-made tableware? Others have told me to go to Icheon but I would like to stay in the city if possible. Thank you in advance!

    • Hi Susan, Indeed Icheon would be the best place to get Korean tableware as you will have more options. However, if Seoul is the only option, you can try Hyundai Department store in Gangnam (Trade tower). 화소반 is a very well known premium Korean tableware company and based on my quick research their tableware is available at this department store. (Level 9) Hope this helps!

  5. I have a few plates and teacups that my uncle got in the 50s when he was stationed in korea. the cups are very fragile. when you hold them up to the light, you can see a photograph (head only

    0 of what i think is a geisha woman. have you seen anything like that?

  6. Have you ever heard of a Korean brand called Yeaga? I was given two gorgeous deep soup bowls and I would love to locate more but j can’t seem to find even a single ounce of information about its existence anywhere online!!


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Join 20,000+ other Korean food lovers! Get the latest recipes from

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