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Pepero Day

Tomorrow, November 11th is Pepero day in Korea. Pepero is a snack that looks like long thin sticks with a chocolate coating. It is very similar to Japanese Pocky.

Pepero day became like Valentine’s Day in Korea. It is popular with young people and couples and they exchange pepero sticks each other as a gift (as a symbol of romance or friendship). You can learn more about this day from wikipedia.

I haven’t bought any pepero for about a year, but I bought 6 packs already this week. Since every supermarket in Korea has allocated a large space for the pepero for this special occasion, it is unavoidable. That’s my excuse anyway. ๐Ÿ™‚

This is a picture (below) of the pepero I am currently enjoying. The price (700 won) is the same for the both packets. But the amount of the pepero is dramatically different. The Red pack is the original one, though I liked the black pack pepero better, because it had a stronger chocolate taste.

Pepero Pepero

This is a picture (below) of another kind of pepero. I think they only make this on pepero week. (Sorry, there isn’t an inside picture from this box. I already ate them. :)) There were only 3 sticks of pepero in the box, which tastes like rolypoly by Haetae or choco twister by Delfi. (Price is 1000 won)

Large Pepero

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Written by: Sue

Last Updated: May 13, 2019
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5 thoughts on “Pepero Day”

  1. today is pepero day.

    months ago, my bf and i promised each other to exchange our pepero on this day but sadly, we broke off ๐Ÿ™

    to all lovers in Korea, happy pepero day <3


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