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Seven Perfect Korean Rainy Day Foods

How to beat the rainy day blues with seven perfect korean rainy day foods. These include Korean pancakes, noodles and soup. How comforting!

Seven Perfect Korean Rainy Day Foods |

(Note: I know above image only captures six Korean dishes not seven. The image of 7th Korean dish is not mine, so I didn’t want to include it in the collage. 🙂 )

In the last 6 to 9 months I hardly saw rain here in Brisbane. Then from Monday this week, all I see and hear is rain drops. It’s been constantly raining like the Korean rainy season (Jangma, 장마) and I know we needed this  but I’m getting a bit annoyed now.

I don’t know about other cultures but when it rains Koreans tend to crave crispy pancakes and hot noodle soup. Hot noodle soup is understandable but why pancakes? I already mentioned the possible reasons or theories at least on this topic in one of my earlier posts but I’ll repeat it here so you don’t have to nose through my archives. 🙂

(Believe it or Not!) Why do most Koreans crave pancakes on a rainy day? Below are just a few theories.

Theory 1. When a pancake is cooked in a pan, it makes a sizzling noise. Apparently people associate this sizzling noise with the sound from rain drops.

Theory 2. When we don’t get to see the sun (like on a rainy day) melatonin levels increase in our body and it make us feel a bit depressed. So our body wants us to increase the sugar level by taking some carbohydrates, and Koreans happened to choose pancakes. Probably that’s because our mum made pancakes for us on a rainy day and our brain remembers this!

Anyway, while I was sitting miserable at home with this rain, I indeed had a huge craving for crispy pancakes and comforting hot soup. Then I thought I should compile a short list so that you can eat them when it rains and participate in Korean food culture. 😉 So here goes the “Seven Perfect Korean Rainy Day Foods”. (Click the image to go to the recipe)

Seven Korean Rainy Day Foods

1. Korean Potato Pancakes (Gamja Jeon, 감자전)

Seven Perfect Korean Rainy Day Foods - Korean Potato Pancakes (Gamja Jeon) |

2. Kimchi Pancakes (김치 부침개)

How to Make Kimchi Pancake |

3.Korean Squid Pancakes (Ojingeo Buchimgae, 오징어 부침개)

Seven Perfect Korean Rainy Day Foods - Korean Squid Pancakes (Ojingeo Buchimgae) |

4. Korean Knife Cut Noodle Soup (Kalguksu, 칼국수)

Kalguksu (Korean Knife Cut Noodle Soup) |

5. Korean Spicy Shin Noodles with Mung Bean Sprouts (Shin Ramyeon, 신라면)

Seven Perfect Korean Rainy Day Foods - Korean Spicy Shin Noodles |

6. Korean Spicy Seafood Noodle Soup (Jjamppong, 짬뽕)

Homemade Korean spicy seafood noodle soup (Jjamppong) - A popular Korean Chinese noodle dish. It's refreshing and is loaded with generous amount of seafood! |

 7. Korean Traditional Wine (Makgeolli, 막걸리)

– No recipe yet. I don’t know how to make it and I don’t think I will try making it for a very long time as I don’t like the taste of it. 🙂 It can be purchased from a Korean grocery store or liquor store.

Seven Perfect Korean Rainy Day Foods - Makgeoli

(Photo credit:

I hope you’re able to beat the blues with the above Korean food every time it rains. Also please share your perfect rainy day food (whether it’s Korean or non-Korean) with us so that we can enjoy them too!

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Written by: Sue

Last Updated: May 13, 2019
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13 thoughts on “Seven Perfect Korean Rainy Day Foods”

  1. Thanks, I used your pancake recipe to make some soft-shell crab pancakes and it worked out great. Didn’t mask the flavor like so many other ways of preparing. Very nice with cheongju too^^

  2. It’s amazing! I have never thought that on rainy days we crave different dishes… I think I usually like either soups or cheer-me-up meals, so pancakes fall perfectly into the latter category.
    I make from time to time the seafood pancake (though not sure if it’s the same recipe), but potato pancakes have been on my to-do list for ages. Thank you for reminding me about them and thank you for all these wonderful ideas!

    • Thanks Sissi! I know it sounds weird but many Koreans crave for pancakes and noodles soup on a rainy day. 🙂 I hope you get to try potato pancakes soon!

  3. I think, you should have some brownies like these on a rainy day. Eaten accompanied by some hot chocolate and for dinner, these Älplermakronen (Noodles with cream, cheese and potatoes) are just perfect
    But I really have to try your sweet pancakes, they are looking great.
    Greetings, Becky

    • Sounds great! Brownies with hot chocolate… Probably a bit too much chocolate for me but occasional treat wouldn’t hurt. 🙂 Thanks for sharing, BEcky


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