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Baked Curried Chicken Breast with Salad

Baked Curried Chicken Breast with Salad

Super easy baked curried chicken recipe! Make some curried chicken using Korean curry powder. (An alternate option is also discussed.) This oven baked curried chicken breast can be served in a sandwich, wrap or in salads. It’s a versatile dish that will also give you a healthy, light and meal prep friendly lunch/dinner option! Koreans love …

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Ottogi Korean Curry Powder

Ottogi Korean Curry Powder

What is Korean Curry Powder Korean curry powder is a common ingredient used in Korean cooking. While it didn’t make the cut into my essential Korean cooking ingredients list, it is mostly used when you make Korean curry. Many people also use a small teaspoon or tablespoon of it when they marinate meat as well. …

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Easy Japanese Chicken Curry Rice |

Japanese Style Chicken Curry Rice

Japanese Chicken Curry Recipe! When I first tasted curry in Japan, it was so different to what I was used to yet it was really delicious. I think Japanese curry is sweeter, darker, and smells stronger than Korean curry. Someone told me that it is similar to the original Indian curry. I personally like Japanese …

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