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How to Make Korean Style Dashi (Dried Kelp and Dried Anchovy Stock) |

How to Make Korean Style Dashi Stock

Give life to your Korean soup by learning how to make Korean soup stock (aka Korean style dashi stock)!  What is Dashi? Do you know Dashi? Dashi is cooking stock in Japanese terms. It’s used in soup as a base broth, in some side dishes and in noodle broth etc. It’s like a back bone …

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Ingredient descriptions: Anchovy powder

Anchovy Powder (Myeolchi Garu)

When you make some kinds of soup, it is tastier to use meat or vegetible stock instead of just water. To make this stock, Koreans often use anchovy (멸치) or kelp (다시마). However anchovy is quite expensive and it can be a bit hassle to use (trimming the head, tail and organ etc), so I …

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