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Anchovy Powder (Myeolchi Garu)

When you make some kinds of soup, it is tastier to use meat or vegetible stock instead of just water.

To make this stock, Koreans often use anchovy (멸치) or kelp (다시마). However anchovy is quite expensive and it can be a bit hassle to use (trimming the head, tail and organ etc), so I sometimes use powdered anchovy instead.

This is a picture of the anchovy powder (멸치가루) I use. It is 100% pure anchovy. The price is about 2800 won (US $2.95)

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Written by: Sue

Last Updated: May 13, 2019
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16 thoughts on “Anchovy Powder (Myeolchi Garu)”

  1. Hi. When I use the powder there is a lot of residue in the soup. Even when I strain it.. is this ok?
    Thank you for your advice

    • Hi Zen, I haven’t used this powder for so long, so I can’t remember. But you don’t refrigerate it before opening. After opening might be different. (Check the label! Hopefully, it’s in English.) As with everything, it comes with the “best before” date. 🙂

    • Hi Steve, I don’t sell anchovy powder. Is it to make Korean soup stock? I just looked up on Amazon and they do have it – – Though this one is 1 kg! That’s a lot. It will take a few years to go through unless you make soup every day. 🙂 Alternatively, you can use this one. This is not powdered. Though I do use tea bag anchovy soup base at home a lot. FYI I haven’t tried these two brands I linked here.

    • We can get the anchovies powder from shop in Penang, Malaysia for quite reasonable price. It cost only USD2 for a bottle of pure anchovies powder with 120g net weight. I went to the shop last week and they even offer me to be their distributor in Korea if possible. If any one of you interested to become the distributor in Korea or any country, you can contact the shop owner at +60125413988.


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