Korean Plum Extract (Cheong Maesil Plum Extract, 청매실액)

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I’ve mentioned “Plum Extract” (Mae-sil Wonaek, 매실원액) a couple of times, you may be wandering what it really looks like, and what it is good for. So I’m going to introduce Plum Extract today.

First, this is what Korean Green Plums looks like :

Korean Green Plums

And this is what Plum Extract looks like: (this is what I am using for cooking)

Korean Plum Extract

I bought it at NongHyup “Hanaro Mart” for 18,000 won (US $18.80) for 600 ml. It is the most famous brand in Korea. (It’s farm made)

I know it is a bit expensive to use for cooking, however it really makes a difference if you use it.

-Merits of Plum Extract as a sauce for food

  • It gets rid of meat smells and oily tastes.
  • It softens the meat.

(Photo credit – http://www.maesil.co.kr)

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  1. I just bought some, I’m so excited to start cooking with it! Should the bottle be refrigerated after opening? Thanks for your advice!

  2. Vic Vartanian says:

    We just bought the above Plum Bottle from our Korean Local store. They told us we can put a few teas spoons of this in hot water and drink it a some knd of a tea. Is it true? becuse I see comments that it is made for cooking. Can we really mixthis a Coffee additive or tea?
    Pls reply to e-mail – vicv@gingerinvestors.com

    • Hi Vic,

      Yes, the plum extract can be used for cooking but also you can drink it as a tea. But I wouldn’t add to the coffee or other tea. Just drop a tea spoons of it in hot water. It has it’s own distinctive taste.

  3. hi
    can i use this plum extract to put im my home brew to make a plum ale and where can i get it in the uk



  4. lisa frades says:

    Dear sue,

    Thank you for the tip. I just bought plum extract yesterday at my local Korean market in Daly City – Kukje. I am so excited to add another element to my cooking. Thank you!

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