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Korean Cafeteria Food

If you live near a university or big corporation, there is a high chance you can get some cheap meals.

In general, eating out in Korea isn’t that expensive, No, actually it is quite cheap since wages are so low in service industries. However, meals at most universities and corporations are even cheaper.

I live near a corporation which is one of the biggest steel exporting companies in the world.
Sometimes when I don’t feel like cooking, I just drag my husband there. It’s open to the public as well.

Dinner is 2500 won. (Lunch is 3000 won)! Below is what I had couple of days ago.

Korean cafeteria food

The menu from the top left is: Fish cutlet with tartar sauce, Jeyuk-Bokkeum (korean spicy pork stir fry), Korean cucumber salad, cooked rice, Spicy squid stew with tofu.
It was quite nice, especially for that price.

Where else could you get this type of meal for 2500 won (About 2.60 US dollors)?

How to Buy Meals at a Korean Cafeteria

  1. There is usually vending machines or a person who sells coupons. So you pay money to get a coupon. There are more choices of menus at universities. (At corporations you can’t choose the menu most of the time.)
  2. Follow the crowds. (Not the food rubish emptying line :))
    If you can help yourself, like a buffet system, then you choose what you’re going to get (Kimchi is unavoidable). If you want some more, you can refill freely. (If they let you of course. Where I go it is very common.)
  3. Enjoy the meal.
  4. Make sure you empty your food scraps at the end in the bins provided (or put the tray in the place provided) – just follow everyone else.

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Written by: Sue

Last Updated: May 13, 2019
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