Lunch Box for Noosa Heads

Lunch Box for Noosa Heads 2

I’ve been singing about the BEACH to Michael ever since we arrived in Australia. Not that I can surf or am even good at body surfing, I just wanted it so badly. We prayed for hot sunny weather last night and our prayer got through. Off we go!

Lunch Box for Noosa Heads 4

We had a beautiful relaxing day, except that I had an overdose of sodium and non edible sand.

Lunch Box for Noosa Heads1

We also took a home made lunch box consisting of the popular Korean picnic food – Kimbap and Yubu chobap. These foods certainly taste nicer at a picnic.

Lunch Box for Noosa Heads 3

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  1. Oh, look at that beautiful sunshine and appetizing food in your lunchbox!

  2. Harvey, That might be an interesting topic to talk about. I might need some time to think and research thoroughly. Wait for it.

    Faith, I know what you mean. I sometimes wish for some clouds. The sun in Australia is like a laser beam. It feels like it is melting my bones. :)

  3. so colorful. :) hmms i haven’t been to the beach in a while though we live close by.

  4. your beach picnic made me miss my days in sunny australia. Im particularly amazed about their cloudless sky. you do take vivid pictures. it’s larger than life! thanks for your beautiful posts. it always inspire me to learn to cook korean cuisine. :)

  5. what a lovely picnic! hope you had fun!

  6. The food looks fabulous and so does the beach! How fun to have a tasty picnic on such a beautiful place!
    How long have you lived in Australia before moving back? Do you miss Korea? I am Korean living in US (for 3 decades!), never been back to Korea, married to a wonderful American and have 2 gorgeous boys.
    I love your blog – so meticulous, colorful and inspirational!

  7. Sally Tan says:

    WOw…. that looks like a yummy picnic basket!

  8. Although I’m a big fan of Korean food, I have yet to try “Kimbap”. I’m definetely looking forward to trying it though! (Great pictures by the way, always so colorful!).

    Inspired by the series “Dae Jang Geum”, I was wondering if you would publish a post about the basics and prevailing attitudes about Korean holistic healing and food.

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