Feeding Hungry Travelers, Matina (at Incheon Airport)

Incheon Airport Restaurant - Martina3

It's the day you need to be on board. As airport security gets tighter, you are advised to arrive at an airport at least 3 hours earlier nowadays. 3 hours! Man, how am I going to pass the time? If you … [Read more...]

Korean Buffet at Milky Way

Lunch Buffet at Milky Way3

If you go to Korea for a short visit and you want to taste authentic Korean cuisine without taking any risk, you can try this "Milky Way" restaurant. The restaurant is called "Eunhasu" in Korean … [Read more...]

When Soybean Paste Meets Art

When Soybean Paste Meets Art1

After a 5 hour long journey from down south, Gwangyang, we arrived at East Seoul bus terminal. We were barely able to move because our bodies were completely surrounded by heavy suitcases and … [Read more...]

Ddeok (Korean Rice Cake) Cafe – Jilsiru

Ddeok (Korean Rice Cake) Cafe - Jilsiru 9

I was very surprised to see these Korean rice cakes, because of their beauty and magnificence. Some rice cakes can be easily mistaken as western style cakes, like this one. It looks like a type … [Read more...]

YongGung Restaurant- Garlic Chicken, Black Bean Noodles, and Stir Fried Rice

YongGung Restaurant- Garlic Chicken

( Fried chicken in garlic sauce) YongGung(용궁) is a local Korean Chinese restaurant we often go to. I used to consider this restaurant as one of the finest Korean Chinese restaurants I have been to so … [Read more...]

Knife Cut Noodles with Seafood From Neutinamu (Zelkova Tree)

Knife Cut Noodles with Seafood From Ntinamu  top1

Gwangyang city (in Jeon Nam Province) where I live is definitely not a popular tourist destination to foreigners, though we do have some festivals in spring when the plum and cherry blossoms start to … [Read more...]

Beef Kimbap and Tuna Kimbap from Kimgane (Sogogi Kimbap and Chamchi Kimbap in Korean)

Sogogi Kimbap and Chamchi Kimbap

Kimgane is my favourite Kimbap place in Korea. One shop I will definitely miss when I move to Australia. On the way home, after grocery shopping on Sunday, we stopped at Kimgane to get some Kimbap. … [Read more...]

Kimbap Places in Korea

Kimbap Nara

I remember buying some rolls of Kimbab couple of years ago. There was a shop called "Kimbap Nara" (김밥나라) and they sold Kimbap for 1000 won. (About US $1 that time) It was so sensational because it … [Read more...]

Tofu Village’s Steamed Pork Wrapped in Leaves (Bossam in Korean)


I went to Tofu Village - my favourite restaurant in the town where I live, last weekend. It was an impulsive decision to go there, but I don't regret it. We ordered something different than our … [Read more...]

Extrema Cheese Bite Fondue Pizza

Extrema cheese bite pizza

3 days from today, Oct 25th, it is my sister's birthday. She finishes school at 11pm (starts 7:20 am). Being in grade 12 in Korea, it involves just too much work and stress. Anyway, I figured we … [Read more...]

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