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Korean Buffet Restaurant, Sejong Hotel (Seoul)

Lunch Buffet at Milky Way10

If you go to Korea for a short visit and you want to taste authentic Korean cuisine without taking any risk, you can try this “Eunhasu” (은하수) restaurant. (FYI, Eunhasu means milky way.) I think it is the best place to taste a collection of authentic Korean food.

Eunhasu has over 100 different Korean dishes and of course I didn’t get to try even half of them. Their menus change from time to time as seasons change or if there is a special Korean holiday or something.

The pictures below are what I had. All the food was professionally prepared and cooked. No effort was spared!

Korean buffet - Japchae, Bulgogi, Shrimp and mushrooms in starch sauce
(Japchae, Bulgogi, Shrimp and mushrooms in starch sauce)
Korean buffet - Abalone porridge (Jeonbok Juk)
(Abalone porridge – Jeonbok Juk)

My top pick is by far LA Galbi! Charcoal grilled Galbi cooked at the right temperature for just the right time was marvelous. I reckon that was the best Galbi I have ever had in my life.

Korean buffet - LA galbi, Nutritious glutinous rice in bamboo, and Salmon
(Tender and mouth melting Galbi, Nutritious glutinous rice in bamboo, and Salmon)

I would love to eat more LA Galbi but I could feel my tummy was getting full. So I moved on to the next dish.

Korean buffet - Kimbap, Cucumber pickles and Sushi
(Kimbap, Cucumber pickles and Sushi)
Korean buffet - Korean traditional snacks
(Korean traditional snacks)
Korean buffet - Cinnamon Punch (Sujeonggwa)
(Cinnamon punch – Sujeonggwa)

I didn’t like the Korean traditional snacks and cinnamon punch much, because it was a bit bitter. On the other hand, I thought what they served us might be more authentic and healthier than what I used to buy from the shops.

Korean buffet - Frozen soft persimmon
(Frozen soft persimmon – A popular dessert since 2005 in Korea)
Korean buffet - Haagen dazs ice cream
(Non Korean menu – Haagen dazs ice cream : Vanila, Chocolate, and Green tea flavour)

Korean buffet restaurant (Eunhasu) in Sejong Hotel, Seoul, Korea

  • Location :Second floor of Sejong Hotel (four star)
  • Address : 61-3, Choongmuro 2 ga, Chungu, Seoul
  • How to get there : Subway line 4, Myongdong station Exit No. 10
  • Open : Lunch – 12:00~14:30 , Dinner – 18:00~21:30
  • Price : Lunch – 49, 000 won (Adult), 28,000 won (Child) /Dinner – 55, 000 won (adult), 30,000 won (Child) (VAT and Service fees are included in the price)
  • Information and reservation : (82) 02-3705-9141
  • Booking is not essential but preferable

Update (April 17th, 2016): Eunhasu restaurant operates under the new name, Elysee (엘리제) now. They still hold a very good reputation for Korean buffet food. 

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Last Updated: May 13, 2019
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