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This is effectively a discussion forum. Here you can ask me questions if you need clarification on the recipes or ingredients. You can also share your own tips with others  (e.g if you made any substitution due to your special dietary requirement.) so that everyone can get the best out of this book! Thank you! 🙂

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  1. Hi! So I just got some lotus root, it’s already poached. Do I need to still boil it for 20 mins before I do sauce time? 🙂 thanks! I’m super excited to try a new side dish.

  2. Hi Everyone,

    This is just to update you on how to play banchan video files if you experience any difficulties playing it. (This never happened before until yesterday.)

    Typically, you watch the video by clicking “watch” button. You can also download it onto your device and watch it.

    Depending on your device and web browser type, the video may autoplay or you may have to press the “play” button.
    Please also note that Windows Media Player and Quicktime sometimes fail to play some MP4 files.

    If that’s the case, please try installing (free) VLC player. It plays all media files much more reliably.

    You can download it at:

    Please let me know if you have any questions!


  3. Hi Everyone,

    If you want to download the ebook and/or videos onto your devices and are having some difficulties, please read these updated instructions below.

    Downloading the eBook and videos to your computer

    Open the email (from Gumroad, the book sales processor) and click the “view product” (or view content) button on your computer. It will open a new tab to Gumroad where you will see my ebook and videos (if you purchased the package) to download. Once you finish downloading the book or videos, check your download folder.

    Downloading the eBook onto your Apple Book Library

    Open that same email (from Gumroad) on your mobile or tablet device. Click the “view product” (or view content) button, whichever it says. Then it will open a web browser to Gumroad. (Just like it did on the computer.)

    The eBook is in PDF format (23.8MB) and it is the first file appears in the content. Click ‘download” then wait for a few seconds. When it’s downloaded, click the apple’s ‘share button’ icon. (This is located in the middle of your phone’s footer menu). Scroll through the app options until you see “Copy to Books” icon. Click that icon then the book will be saved onto your Apple library.

    Let me know if you still experience any issues with downloading the eBook or videos.


  4. Hi Sue,

    After your epic Japchae video on your YouTube channel I decided to buy your book as a token of gratitude. Good stuff!

    Please do us a favour. Continue creating those excellent cooking videos on Youtube.

    Thank you very much!


    • Hi Oscar,

      Thanks for your support and encouragement. I hope you enjoy my banchan cookbook recipes and many more recipes I will share on my website. 🙂


  5. Hi Sue,

    How many recipes in your cookbook are vegetarian or could easily be converted to vegetarian without losing too much of the flavour? Things like fish sauce I would use a veggie version.

    Thank you 🙂

    • Hi Karen,

      Out of 30 side dishes, probably 20 or more recipes are vegetarian suitable recipes, particularly if you can use vegetarian friendly sauces.

      Some recipes you just need to omit the part of ingredients to make it vegetarian and I didn’t even include these recipes in my counting. Hope this helps. 🙂

  6. Hi Sue,

    I’m so excited to try out your Bachan recipes. However, I am having trouble opening the ebook in the Gumroad app. It keeps asking me to Log in eventhough I have never registered. It also stalls when I try to login via Facebook. Just wondering if the link to the ebook will expire if I can’t save it onto my iPad.


    • HI Julia, I think to use the Gumroad app, you need to sign up first. The easiest way to download the book is onto your desktop, table or mobile device (e.g. iBook), so that you don’t need to use the Gumroad interface again. To download the book, please check this instruction.

      As far as I know, the link from the original receipt don’t expire. But for whatever reasons, if you can not find that email or the link doesn’t work, please send me an email. I can resend you one.

  7. I just bought your Banchan Cookbook and am getting excited to try all these recipes. I was hoping to find
    a not spicy kimchee recipe. Do you think you can come up with an easy white kimchee recipe?

    Thank you for putting this together. I will share this with my daughters too.

  8. Hi everyone.
    Here is an explanation I sent someone direct by email. I think this makes getting the eBook clearer:

    Downloading the book to your computer and iBook is really easy.
    Open the email (from Gumroad) and click the “view product” button (or view content button) on the receipt email on your desktop computer. It should automatically start downloading it onto your computer. Be sure to check your download folder.

    For whatever reason, if it didn’t download to your computer but opened a web browser to Gumroad (the sales processor), click the download button on the right hand side on the Gumroad page. That should download it onto your computer as well. Of course, be sure to check your download folder.

    For downloading the eBook onto your iBook,

    Open that same email (from Gumroad) on your mobile/tablet device and click the view product or download button, whichever it says, then it will open a web browser to Gumroad. (Just like it did on the desktop.)
    To make it simple, don’t click – open in app, which will appear at the bottom of the screen. (You can download the book this way too but there’s a simpler way.)

    In the middle of the browser, you will see ‘23.8MB PDF’ with a facing down arrow. Click it to expand and view the options. Click ‘download’ then it will start downloading it onto your mobile/tablet device.
    Once it’s done, ‘open in iBook’ message will appear on the righthand corner of the book. Click it, then it will save onto your iBook library.

    If you bought the eBook and videos package I suggest you download one video at a time as you need them, rather than all at once. Each is about 100MB, but if you download all at once it will take a long time.

    Let me know if you have any issues with downloading the eBook or videos still.


    • Hi Brian, Thanks for purchasing the book! Did you already download the book using the GUMROAD app? If so, you can save the eBook onto your iBooks app as well so that you can access it more conveniently.

      Here’s how you do it. While you are opening the eBook within the Gumroad app, tap the cover of the eBook once and click “open in iBooks” at the top of the page. That should add the eBook to your iBooks library. After that connect your iPhone to your desktop to synchronise the eBook with your iTunes library. From there you should be able to sync with your iPad as well. If you need more information on sync, here’s the instruction from Apple.

      If you purchase the book and haven’t downloaded it at all then download the eBook to your computer (using the link provided by Gumroad in the email), sync it to your iTunes library, and sync your iPad and iPhone with your computer.

      You should also be able to access the link you got from Gumroad on any of your devices, as long as you click it from the same email account.

      Please let me know if you are still experiencing any difficulties! Thanks, Sue.

    • Hi Michael, For cup I use Australian metric system (1 cup = 250ml) but for spoon I use US metric system (1 Tbsp = 15ml). I know, unfortunately it is a bit of a mixed bag. Australian kitchenware stores randomly carry US and Australian measuring cups and spoons without a clear label and I bought these a very long time ago when I didn’t even know there was a difference! I just got too used to using measurement this way. In the book, a basic conversion chart is provided. For weight measurement, both gram/kilogram and ounce/pound information is provide in each recipes. I hope this helps. Thanks for your interest!

    • Hi Jill, The book is only available in PDF format at this point. You will have instant access to the book once you purchase. Please also note that My Korean Kitchen email subscribers get 15% off the normal price upon sign up when purchasing the book or the package. Thanks for your interest! 🙂


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Join 20,000+ other Korean food lovers! Get the latest recipes from

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