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What Korean Fish Cake Looks Like and is Made of

Korean fish cakes (Eomuk or Odeng) | MyKoreanKitchen.com

Above Korean fish cake (Eomuk, 어묵 or Odeng, 오뎅) is what I often use in my fish cake stir fry and some times in my fish cake soup. Other shapes (e.g. round balls, long thin stick or square etc.) are also available as well.

You can normally find it in the freezer section of a Korean grocery store (if you’re outside of Korea). In Korea, it’s kept in a refrigerator section. This 1 kg (2.2 pounds) fish cake costs about AUD $9.

What it is made of and how it is made?

Typically more than 50% of the ingredient is Surimi then followed by wheat flour (30%), carrots, onion, salt, sugar and other added ingredients. Once these ingredients are mixed together, they are kneaded, shaped then boiled or steamed or fried.

fish cakefish cake 1 sheet

Do you want to make this yourself from scratch? Then try my recipes. You have two options. One for fish cake side dish and one for fish cake soup. It’s very easy to make and tastes healthier!

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28 thoughts on “What Korean Fish Cake Looks Like and is Made of”

  1. Hi Ms. Sue,

    Hi Ma’am, I’m planning to put up small scale fish cake business here in my country. Can you give me some advise. Thank you very much.

  2. Hi Sue.

    I live in s town that sadly does not have a KOrean grocery. Is there an on line store where I can order the fish cakes? I have looked in amazon. And had no luck.


    • Hi Dawn, You can try Hmart. (Assuming you’re in the US.) Fish cakes are very easy to perish, so not many shops are willing to sell over the internet. You can also make them yourself too. The recipe links are already mentioned in the post above. Good luck! 🙂

  3. Hi Sue,

    I just have a quick question about traditional Korean fish cake. I’ve looked everywhere online and can’t seem to find anywhere if this food is considered healthy or unhealthy. I’m currently dieting right now and was wondering if I could let fish cakes into my diet or leave it out. Anyways, please if you get a chance to read this, let me know what you think!


    • I would say that the initial perception of purchased fish cake is that it is unhealthy. (Well, at least that’s how I think.) But, I think there are some healthier ones available in the market. Though these seem only available in Korea. (Well, I live in Australia and haven’t seen these ones here yet. They could be available in the US, but I don’t know.)

      These premium Korean fish cakes are considered healthy because they use high quality ingredients and use less or no harmful chemicals. (Obviously they are more expensive too.) You can always make it at home if you’re unsure. Try this recipe. I consider this recipe pretty healthy.:) https://mykoreankitchen.com/how-to-make-korean-fish-cakes-for-soup/

  4. Hi Sue,

    I hope you can help me with my quest. I absolutely love Nongshim Hot and Spicy Noodle Bowls! For health reasons, I have had to lay off of them because of the sodium and fat. I am trying to make my own homemade healthier version. One of the noodle bowl ingredients is “dried fish cake”, that yummy pink and white morsel. Do you know where I can buy this ingredient online? I might be able to work with most of the other ingredients, but even then, if someone has a recipe that comes close to the Nongshim Hot and Spicy, that would be better and definitely save me a lot of guesswork.


  5. Hi I live in nt ny and I want to try this so bad!!! Could I find it at any grocery stores or asian stores!!! I really like korean food and this looks TASTEY!!! 🙂

  6. hi..
    i found a fish cake that is round and thick..can that be OK ?.do you think it would taste the same with the flat and thin one??

  7. please.. where can i find a pre-packed fishcake like this. im from manila philippines… is it only sold it korean restaurants or groceries?…

    DO u know any korean groceries herE? please..i want to try this one so bad..please contact me..

    • sa tingin ko pareho lng ang fish cake na yan sa nabibiling fish strips ung mukhang dried sa sm meron,,yung ready to eat na.,tingin ko lng kasi naghahanap din ako nyan.

  8. Hi,

    Where can I find this flat fish cake? I live in Northern California and I’ve been looking around, but haven’t been able to find them. Usually the oriental grocery stores only carry the thick kinds, but they aren’t as good.

  9. Can anyone help with my question about the fish cake? I see it served as a side dish. My son loves it. What is the sauce that it is cooked in?

  10. Hi Marielen,

    I couldn’t find an image of dilis on the internet so I don’t know what to expect.
    If it looks similar to dried anchovies how about you try them anyway? If you can’t get anchovies that might be the only option you have.
    The anchovies give the broth its deep fish taste, so another similar fish may be ok.

  11. Hi! i’ve been looking for authentic recipe for odeng or fish cake soup for a long time. I am from the philippines but i have some koreans friends that introduce me to this dish. I wanted to surprice them by making one at home so that i can make this for them once they come and visit my house. Is there any other substitute for the anchovies? becuase here in the philippines we have something simmilar we call it “dilis” would that be ok to use. Please give me more ideas on korean and japanese dishes that are easy to cook. thank you looking forward to your help.

    marielen adasa


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Join 20,000+ other Korean food lovers! Get the latest recipes from

My Korean Kitchen delivered to your email inbox. It's free!