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Korean New Year’s Day Food 0

February 18th (Sunday), 2007 is the official Lunar New Year’s day, which 90% of the Korean population celebrates. The holiday starts from today 17th to 19th. It seems a pretty short holiday because it includes Saturday and Sunday, which most people on salary (us) have a day off anyway.

I don’t know how many of you celebrate New Year’s day on Lunar New Year’s day as well, I would like to share some recipes I have posted in the past that are suitable for Korean New Year’s day, so you can find them easily to celebrate this day in the Korean way. It sounds like good idea, doesn’t it? But there is one problem. Since my blog doesn’t have a very long history yet, I don’t have many recipes that suit New Year’s Day. :(

Hopefully I will make an abundance of recipes this year, so I can properly redo this list next year. Fingers crossed.

Here are the links (click the image), and Happy New Year!


Korean New Year’s Day Food 1

Korean New Year’s Day Food 3

Korean New Year’s Day Food 4

Korean New Year’s Day Food 2

Non Recipe

Korean New Year’s Day Food 5

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  1. HI… I’m Korean , studying in s’pore. Thank you for putting these recipes ^^ . It reminds me korea… thanks.

  2. A couple of years ago I had a Korean Foreign Exchange student living at my house. For New Years Day we decided to make all the Traditional New Years Food- Black-eyed Peas, which is what we ate in Missouri, Pork and Sauerkraut, what they eat here in Central Pennsylvania, and Tok Guk, what EunJee told me was the traditional New Years food for Korea. I followed the recipe to the letter, I thought, but when I served it, she started to laugh, and IMMEDIATELY called her mother (despite the 13 hour time difference!) to tell her that my Tok Guk was brown. We had to take a picture and send it to her. I finally said “Hey, this is Tok Guk Willa Style!” which became the watchword for all the Korean dishes I made strangely.

    I miss having a refrigerator full of Kimchee, but since Kimchee Willa never did turn out right, and our good Korean grocery went out of business we have been kimcheeless.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Hi Sue, its good to the Koreans NY falls on the same day as the chinese, I did not know that, anyways, wishing you a prosperous, fruitful year !! Keep all the good food coming ya ? *grins* Ohh..sticky rice cake, what a great opening dish for the NY, sticky cake that have ancient history to keeps the beast away from the evil haha, hm..love that dumpling post, another significant dish in the NY celebration, dumplings are also widely served during the NY in China, thanks for sharing such great recipes, cheers ! :)

  4. Happy New Year to you!

  5. I had Ddeok-Mandu Gook for a lunch and a dinner on Seol Nal. Can’t blame on it!

    Happy new year!!

    Thanks always.

  6. Happy New Year to you and yours too!

  7. Thank you all. Happy New Year to you.
    I just came back from my mom’s home, I overate and felt sick for a while, yet it happens on every Thanks giving day and New Year’s day. :)
    I hope it doesn’t happen to you.

  8. Happy New Year! Since I have time off this week (am chinese and celebrating New Year too, will try my hand at some of your lovely recipe :-) Look forward to yummyyyy post from you.

  9. Sue씨, 돼지년 福 많이 받으세요~! ^^

  10. kung hee fat choy (happy new years in chinese)!

  11. happy new year to you too!

  12. oh… the chinese new year is on sunday too! It’s the year of pig this year. And we are celebrating it….

    I did not know that the KOrean new Year is the same as the chinese new year…

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