Bulgogi Kimchi Tacos

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Bulgogi Kimchi Taco 2

(Bulgogi Kimchi Tacos – Inspired by Eat, Drink & Be Merry)

Although I occasionally wrap Bulgogi with Kimchi on lettuce, wrapping them in a tortilla didn’t cross my mind until I read this post. As I placed those ingredients on top of the tortilla, I felt slightly awkward. It was quite nice for the first time but not long after that, the Kimchi started to overpower the taste. (Maybe I added too much Kimchi or I might losing some of my Korean identity. :) )

Bulgogi Kimchi Taco 1

One thing, you need to make sure you drain the juice from the cooked bulgogi, otherwise it can be a soggy taco. Also the Kimchi as well.

Bulgogi Kimchi Taco 3

A Bulgogi recipe is available from here.
I added BBQ sauce for one taco and honey mustard sauce for the other one.

Bulgogi Kimchi Taco 4

Tell us if you like the Bulgogi Kimchi Taco and if you know other unique ways to enjoy Bulgogi or Kimchi. We would all like to hear about it from you.


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  1. Call me old fashioned, but I would much rather have a lettuce leaf to wrap it than a tortilla :)

  2. These look great, right now in Los Angeles we have this famous truck that goes around and makes these. I recently made my own version here.. We did marinated short ribs instead and they came out great.. http://thefoodaddicts.com/the-hype-of-kogi-korean-bbq-taco-trucks/

  3. A lot of places add a type of pa mu cheem salad on top of the bulgogi to add vegetables to the taco. Give that a try!

  4. Tiger J says:

    Oh Man… This might be a stupid question…

    What kind of beef do you recommend for Bulgogi?

    Do you have a recipe for the sauce or do you recommend the store bought sauce?

    Tiger J

    • Traditional meat would be lean thin sliced rib eye steak. Many other cuts will work if they are sliced think enough.
      Sirloin, sirloin tip, NY strip, tenderloin.


  5. Korean Food Diary says:

    What an interesting idea. I’m going to go whip one up right now because you made me really hungry!

  6. There’s a place in southern CA that serves an “Oriental Omelette” – bulgogi and a lot of vegetables in an omelette. My friends and I took it a step further and added kimchi! It’s GREAT!!!

  7. Looks SOOOO good! Two of my *FAVORITE* dishes in one. YuM!

  8. Kat, It is great but don’t add too much Kimchi. You might regret it. :)

    Gdog, I actually drank some juice after I drained it. Though I didn’t finish it, I felt a bit weird doing so. :) Anyhow the juice can be a good sauce for mixing with some rice.

  9. Wow, those look awesome. I am going to try this recipe one day. Good advice on draining the juices. I would save the juices and drink it afterwards!

  10. These sound great! Maybe I’ll try it soon. :)

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