Korean Dumplings and Fresh Salad with Spicy, Tangy and Sweet Dressing (Bibim Mandu)

Korean Dumplings and Fresh Salad with Spicy, Tangy and Sweet Dressing

Today, I opened my lunchbox too early - at around 10:45am, when most people have their morning tea. Since I became a stay home mum looking after my baby, it kind of became my unfortunate habit. I have … [Read more...]

Korean Street Food: Egg Bread (Gyeran Bbang)

Korean Street Food - Egg Bread (Gyeran Bbang)

The other day I shared a photo of Korean street style egg bread (Gyeran bbang ,계란빵) on my Facebook page and one of the readers asked where the recipe was. I didn't have it. In fact, I've never had … [Read more...]

Pepero Cake

Pepero Cake

  Have you heard of "Pepero Day"? In Korea, 11th November is Pepero day. To some degree, it is similar to Valentine's Day. People, particularly youngsters, give Pepero sticks to each other as a … [Read more...]

Korean Flag Toast (aka Gwangbokjeol Toast)

Korean Flag Toast (aka Gwangbokjeol Toast)

With Korean Independence Day (Gwangbokjeol, 광복절: 15th August) approaching, I thought I would introduce Korean food that fits into the theme. Today's recipe is Korean flag toast aka Gwangbokjeol Toast … [Read more...]

Beksul Castella Mix (Sweet Honey Sponge Cake – Pre mix version)

Beksul Castella Mix (Sweet Honey Sponge Cake - Pre mix version)

One of my childhood favourite snacks is Castella (or Kasutera 카스테라, sweet honey sponge) cake. It’s sweet and soft and a well made version of it melts in your mouth. My mum also used to use this cake … [Read more...]

Chapssal Donuts (Korean Glutinous Rice Ball Doughnuts)

Chapsal Donuts (Korean glutinous rice ball doughnut)

 A new habit of mine since I came back to food blogging is "food ingredients hoarding". I look around the internet for blogging inspiration or weekly menu planning and when I see some nice photos of … [Read more...]

How to Make Korean Sauna Style Eggs in 25 Minutes (or in 50 Minutes)

Korean Sauna Style Eggs

Have you ever wondered how to make brown eggs that are often seen in a Korean sauna/spa (Jjimjilbang, 찜질방), which are also often featured in many Korean dramas and movies? Then, you are not the only … [Read more...]

Dumpling Skin Churros (Mandupi Churros)

Dumpling Skin Churros (Mandupi Churros)

(When Korean food meets Spanish food) I had a small amount of dumpling skin (mandupi 만두피) leftover from when I made some mandu (만두) for Lunar New Year's day. It wasn't enough to make more mandu … [Read more...]

Homemade Melona Bar (Honeydew Melon Ice Pops)

Melona Bar (Honeydew Ice Pops) 1

One of my childhood favourite ice creams was Melona (메로나) – Honeydew melon ice pop. I used to buy it for 100 won (about AU$0.10). It was quite a uniquely flavoured ice cream for that time. The … [Read more...]

Seasoned Dried Filefish (Jwipo)

Seasoned Dried Filefish (Juipo)4

When I was a child I adored Jwipo (쥐포) so much. It was my favourite snack in the world. Grilled Jwipo is sold on the street occasionally nowadays but it also used be sold at cinema snack bars as … [Read more...]