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Cakes from Paris Baguette

Yesterday was my sister’s birthday. When she got home, she brought 2 cake boxes with her.
They were presents from her friends. I think it is a weird culture of theirs, that they don’t share cakes and instead just bring it home like other normal presents.

Anyway Yah for me~ 🙂 I am not that fond of sweet things such as cakes, but I had some with my friend at the coffee shop (I took some of the cake when I met my friend, the coffee shop doesn’t sell cakes and it is a charity coffee shop, so they didn’t seem to mind, I hope).

This is a picture of the cakes I had today (before I cut it – It is the smallest size and cheapest you can get in Korea.). My sister had a piece of the chocolate cake yesterday.

Fresh cream cakeChocolate sponge cake
One is sponge cake with fresh cream on top (Probably about 10,000 won- US $10.55), the other one is chocolate sponge cake (about 9,000 won -US $9.50)

It was quite nice with coffee. (I don’t drink coffee but coffee is the smartest choice from that shop.)

Paris Baguette is the most popular bakery in Korea. Typically there is one in every town. If you are European or Australian, you wouldn’t like Paris Baguette much, because their bread is usually sweet, even the garlic bread.

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14 thoughts on “Cakes from Paris Baguette”

  1. can i get detail from this company which arrea will opening soon in malaysia because i was interesting to find out for detail an employment i was interested to join in for gain some experience

  2. Dear CEO Jo Sang Ho,

    I was in Korea recently,Sep 2011.I noticed that there were many of your outlets Paris Baguette around everywhere.I patronise one of your outlets in Hongdae area and was not disappointed by the service,ambience and food offered.
    I was wondering whether your company have plans to franchise outside Korea.
    I am interested in your branding and i think we can cooperate if you have plans to expand your operations globally eg Taiwan or Singapore,Malaysia(Kuala Lumpur or Penang or Johor Bahru).Pse let me know.
    Thank you.

  3. I went to Korea during my winter trip. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Paris Croissant Bakery , an affiliation of Paris Baguette!!
    Every of their bread is good!! So good!!
    *too bad they are not expanding outside korea*

  4. omg!! everytime i go 2 korea i luv paris baguette!! i luv the sausage read where its lik a sausage on top of a flaky bread wth cheese and parsley and vegetables and its soooo good!! o and btw, its 7-9000 won, not hundreds, or that wud b rly rly cheap!! xP

    if any1 knows any recipes, leave a comment, or cum to my blog,www.bunbunforever.blogspot.com


  5. It’s really coool, cute, preety and I think it is delicous….I’m sure even I haven’t tried it no more…hhhihi..If I have occasion to go to KOREAN , I will try it..

  6. Was the “fresh cream” whipped cream on the sponge cake? I’m trying to make this cake and nobody has been able to help me lol…Do you know how to make this one?

    • I have been trying to make desserts from Paris Baguette as well and have had little success. Mine is always too sweet. A Korean soldier brought me a cake from near his house in San Jose. From what I can tell it isn’t whipping cream. It is too buttery tasting, but to waxy to be all butter. Perhaps it is a French butter cream with half butter and half high ratio shortening. If you figure it out let me know. 🙂


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Join 20,000+ other Korean food lovers! Get the latest recipes from

My Korean Kitchen delivered to your email inbox. It's free!