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KicKer Chocolate Bar

KitKat? No! KicKer!!

My husband and I went to the supermarket the other day to buy some snacks.

They used to have really good (& cheap) Swiss chocolate, but it was not available anymore. (When one thing sells out, they often don’t replace them in Korea. Especially foreign goods. Do you agree?)

Anyhow my husband picked a red-ish packet, and from the distance I thought that it was a KitKat chocolate.

When we got home, we emptied the shopping bag. Then I tried to find the KitKat. But I realized that it wasn’t a KitKat. It was a “KicKer” by Crown – a Korean company.

Kicker chocolate. (A KitKat Copycat)

It wasn’t nearly as good as a KitKat. (I think original is the best in all snacks.)
It looked like it had melted once during the summer and reformed recently. It wasn’t sweet nor crispy.
I wonder if there is a way to find out whether the chocolate melted once (and hardened again) before you open it.

Do you know how to tell?

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Written by: Sue

Last Updated: May 13, 2019
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5 thoughts on “KicKer Chocolate Bar”

  1. I think you can usually tell by the shape. It’s slightly flatter and deformed… but other than that, I dunno.

    Anyway, this happened to me today at E-Mart as well! It was only when I tasted the chocolate that I found out… it’s KicKer =.=…

  2. For a fact, Kicker tastes way better. The quality of chocolate is the keypoint. And in fact, I’ve seen KitKat sold in Korea for 10 cents each in a little school supply shop.

  3. It was pepero day two days ago, and I bought 4 packs of pepero.
    When I open one of the packs, the chocolate part had all fallen down.
    I was so annoyed. It wasn’t very tasty, but I finished it up. I am not really sure if the shops are really going to exchange the chocolate snack due to the melting fact.
    It probably depends on shop keeper.

  4. no it’s not possible, exept maybe if the shape is different… but in a pack like the one you bought it’s really difficult to say….but maybe you can return them…since korean customer service is really good:-)


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