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Yuja tea (Korean citron tea) in a clear mug

Yuja Tea (Korean Citron Tea)

Learn how to make one of the most popular Korean teas – yujacha (yuja tea or yuzu tea) at home! This Korean citron tea is made with exotic yuja fruit. The tea has a distinctive aroma and is delicious and comforting. A perfect drink for winter. (But really, for any other seasons!) Table of Contents …


Omija Tea (Omija Cha) Recipe |

Omija Tea (Five Flavor Berry Tea)

Learn how to make omija tea! It’s a popular summer drink in Korea. The other day I ventured out to the largest Korean grocery store in my city, which is 40 mins drive each way. Still, it’s nothing like Hmart in the US by comparison, but I do need to go there from time to …


Korean Barley Tea (Boricha) Recipe |

Korean Barley Tea (Boricha)

Discover Korean barley tea and learn how to make it at home! It’s super easy, delicious and it comes with many health benefits!  Do you like tea? I do! I don’t drink English style tea much, but I’ve been drinking Korean barley tea and Korean corn tea every day in the last few weeks. (I …


Honey Citron Sparkling Iced Tea |

Honey Citron Sparkling Iced Tea

Honey citron sparkling iced tea is a non-alcoholic cocktail made with Korean citron tea marmalade and sparkling mineral water. It’s a perfect summer drink that will not only quench your thirst but also revitalise your energy! Korean honey citron tea (Yujacha, 유자차) is one of my favourite Korean teas if not “the favorite”. It is …


Korean Plum Tea (Maesil Cha) |

Korean Plum Tea (Maesil Cha)

Let’s make some delicious Korean plum tea. It’s a refreshing fruity drink that can be made in 1 minute! Today I’m introducing one of the most popular Korean teas – Maesil Cha (매실차). It is a fruit based tea, and its commonly known English name is plum tea. However, I recently learnt that the fruit …


Korean Ginger Tea (Saenggang Cha) |

Korean Ginger Tea (Saenggang Cha)

Healthy and soothing Korean ginger tea (Saenggang cha) recipe! A few days ago, my husband was coughing a lot and he said he had a sore throat and mucus. I am not a doctor, but he thinks I can fix him. 🙂 He basically doesn’t trust modern medicine and loves oriental treats so much. So …


Ginseng Tea (Insam Cha)

Easy Korean ginseng tea recipe! It is nearly winter. The season has changed quite suddenly in Korea. Due to this sudden change my husband got sick again. His sickness is kind of a seasonal event I need to go through, lucky I am not as weak as him. 🙂 I bought some ginseng to make …



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