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How to Make Flour Tortillas (with Limited Resources)

How to Make Flour Tortillas from Scratch Tortillas are quite expensive in Korea. Since I speak Korean, I can easily order tortillas from the internet. But still, it seems quite expensive to pay about 4 dollars (US) to get 12 sheets of tortillas, then pay the delivery cost which is another 4 dollars. So I researched a …


Kimbap Places in Korea

I remember buying some rolls of Kimbab couple of years ago. There was a shop called “Kimbap Nara” (김밥나라) and they sold Kimbap for 1000 won (About US $1 that time). It was so sensational because it was so cheap. Kimbap used to be 2000 won for the cheapest one in those days. So everyone …


How to Keep the Mushrooms Fresh in the Fridge

My husband used to complain about the paper bag for mushrooms. If you go grocery shopping in Korea, there aren’t any paper bags for the mushrooms, only plastic bags are available. If you keep them in a plastic bag, they go bad (slimy feeling) really fast. I recently found a way to keep the mushrooms …


How to Eat Cheaply at Outback Steakhouse

Update March 2017 I wrote the article below (“How to Eat Cheaply at Outback Steakhouse in Korea”) over 10 years ago, so the coupons are probably not relevant anymore. Also, I don’t live in South Korea anymore, so if you want to find out about current deals at Outback Steakhouse Korea, I recommend you ask …


Korean cafeteria food

Korean Cafeteria Food

If you live near a university or big corporation, there is a high chance you can get some cheap meals. In general, eating out in Korea isn’t that expensive, No, actually it is quite cheap since wages are so low in service industries. However, meals at most universities and corporations are even cheaper. I live …


What Brown Rice Packages look like

I noticed some foreigners buy brown rice when they visit Seoul (Itaewon). Which means they don’t think it’s available at the local market. So I am going to show you what it looks like (just one brand) and teach you the Korean name for brown rice. This is the brown rice I usually get at …


Cuckcoo rice cooker

This is the “Rice Cooker”

Update: Check out my new rice cooker from here! This is my rice cooker. Whenever I travel overseas and still need to cook myself, I really miss having this rice cooker. Because I don’t need to worry about spilling water when rice boils, it never burns or sticks in the pot, and it always gives …



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