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What Brown Rice Packages look like

I noticed some foreigners buy brown rice when they visit Seoul (Itaewon). Which means they don’t think it’s available at the local market. So I am going to show you what it looks like (just one brand) and teach you the Korean name for brown rice.

This is the brown rice I usually get at Homeplus. It’s a 4kg bag and costs about 11,000 won. brown rice
They also do have a smaller packet (1kg bag or less as well) for about 2800 won.

“Hyun mi” (현미) is the Korean name for brown rice, so if you can’t find where it is at the super market, you can ask for it from now on. However there is also Glutinous brown rice which is “Hyun mi chap ssal” (현미찹쌀) in Korean, so don’t pick that up if you want normal brown rice.

When you cook the brown rice, it is best to use a pressure cooker, if you don’t have one make sure you soak the rice before you steam or boil it.

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Written by: Sue

Last Updated: May 13, 2019
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  1. Hi. Im Jenn from Cebu, Philippines and Im currently working in a Korean Supermarket.
    Can i ask if how many months the Hyun ssal expires or the shelf life of that brown rice.

    Thank you..


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