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25+ Korean Foods That Will Impress Your Party Guests

Explore a variety of mouthwatering Korean party food ideas! With over 25 Korean dishes to choose from, you can be sure to impress your guests with a delightful culinary experience.

A collage image of 6 Korean dishes that represent 25 Korean party foods.

Are you on a quest for some exciting Korean party food inspiration? Whether you’re looking for a simple dinner idea or orchestrating a grand feast like Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas lunch, look no further!

I’m thrilled to share a curated collection of my favorite Korean recipes that are perfect for any gathering and sure to leave your guests in awe! 😉

In the following sections, we’ll explore a range of mouth-watering Korean appetizers, hearty main dishes, satisfying rice dishes, vibrant side dishes, and indulgent desserts/drinks. So, brace yourself as we set off on this exciting journey of party planning!


1. Korean Glass Noodle Stir Fry (Japchae, 잡채) 

Korean glass noodle stir fry (Japchae) recipe | MyKoreanKitchen.com

This is probably the most famous Korean noodle dish.

In Korea, it’s commonly served during Korean festive holidays such as Seollal (설날, Korean New Year’s day) or Chuseok (추석, Korean harvest festival day). It’s made with bouncy textured glass noodles and it’s savory and very moreish! (Get the recipe: Japchae)

2. Sweet and Spicy Korean Potsticker Salad (Bibim Mandu, 비빔만두)

Sweet and Spicy Korean Dumpling Salad (Bibim Mandu) | MyKoreanKitchen.com

This is my favorite way of eating Korean dumplings.

It’s served with fresh salad, so you won’t feel guilty about having fried dumplings. 😉 The spicy, tangy and sweet dressing is quite addictive and it will invigorate anyone’s appetite. (Get the recipe: Bibim Mandu)

3. Fried Seaweed Roll (Gimmari, 김말이)

A close-up photo of gimmari piled on a serving plate.

Gimmari is a delicious and popular Korean street food, perfect as a finger food. These deep-fried seaweed rolls are filled with seasoned glass noodles. Crispy and crunchy on the outside with soft noodles on the inside, they are sure to please your crowd. (Get the recipe: Gimmari)

4. Kimchi Pancake (김치부침개)

Kimchi Pancake (Kimchi Jeon) Recipe | MyKoreanKitchen.com

Kimchi pancakes are a great appetizer to introduce, particularly if your guests are new to kimchi. People just don’t seem to notice it!

It’s also a great way to use up some of your ageing kimchi you don’t know what to do with. (Get the recipe: Kimchi Pancake)

5. Seafood Pancakes (Haemul Pajeon, 해물파전)

Korean Seafood and Green Onion Pancakes (Haemul Pajeon) Recipe | MyKoreanKitchen.com

This is a great appetizer for seafood lovers! It’s savory and crunchy.

Seriously, even people who know nothing about Korean food will enjoy this one. (Get the recipe: Seafood Pancake)

6. Korean Fish Cake Balls (Eomuk, 어묵)

Korean fish cake balls recipe | MyKoreanKitchen.com

I don’t know what you think of fish cakes in general, but this one is a keeper!

It’s full of protein and it’s savory and delicious. Kids love this one too! It will be sure to please your guests. (Get the recipe: Korean Fish Ball)

7. Korean Fried Chicken (양념통닭)

Spicy Korean Fried Chicken Recipe | MyKoreanKitchen.com

Korean fried chicken has become famous all over the world.

Super crunchy chicken is coated with addictive homemade Korean sweet chili sauce. It is perfect for any occasion and I’m sure everyone will fall in love with it instantly! (Get the recipe: Korean Fried Chicken)

I also have the Soy Garlic Chicken version, which is more kid friendly and Air Fryer Chicken Wings or Baked Chicken Wings for those who are more health conscious.

8. Korean Radish Wraps (Mussammari, 무쌈말이)

Holding a pickled radish wrap in one hand, in the background, radish wraps are served on a black plate.

Try these mussammari, or pickled radish wraps! This dish is made with pickled radish, your choice of vegetables, and meat. All the ingredients are wrapped up in a thin sheet of Korean pickled radish which give it a refreshing and satisfying taste.

It’s easy to make and presents beautifully, so your guests will love it! (Get the recipe: Korean Radish Wrap)

9.  Korean Sweet and Sour Pork (Tangsuyuk, 탕수육)

Holding tangsuyuk with a pair of wooden chopsticks.

Tangsuyuk is a Korean-Chinese dish made with double fried pork for a crispy texture and a sweet and sour sauce. It’s perfect for any occasion and often served at a party buffet. It’s delicious and irresistible. (Get the recipe: Tangsuyuk)


There’s no doubt that delicious Korean BBQ dishes will be sure to steal the show at your next party. Everyone loves these savory Korean dishes, and the options listed below will leave your guests craving for seconds.

10. Bulgogi (Korean BBQ Beef, 불고기)

Bulgogi (Korean Marinated BBQ Beef) Recipe | MyKoreanKitchen.com

Bulgogi is a very popular type of Korean BBQ meat. The meat is thinly sliced and marinated with a nashi pear-infused sauce. However, if nashi pears are hard to get, red apples (e.g pink lady, royal gala, red delicious) work just as well.

The sweet and savory flavor of bulgogi is very irresistible – I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t like it! (Get the recipe: Bulgogi)

11. LA Galbi (Korean BBQ Short Ribs, 엘에이 갈비)

LA Galbi (Korean BBQ Short Ribs) | MyKoreanKitchen.com

LA Galbi is another popular Korean BBQ dish that uses beef short ribs. It can be grilled or broiled in an oven as well.

There are so many aspects to enjoy about ribs, it’s tough to pick just one! For those with a child-like spirit, licking the meat off the bone is like the icing on the cake. (Get the recipe: LA Galbi)

12. Spicy Korean Pork (Jeyuk Bokkeum, 제육볶음)

Korean Spicy Marinated Pork (Jeyuk Bokkeum) served on a BBQ grill plate with ssam ingredients.

If you love spicy food, then this is the perfect dish for you! It’s marinated with a gochugaru (Korean chili flakes) and gochujang (Korean chili paste) based sauce, and it tastes amazing when cooked over a charcoal BBQ.

This is my husband’s favorite Korean food, and I’m sure it will become one of your favorites too! (Get the recipe: Jeyuk Bokkeum)

13. Baked Korean BBQ Ribs

Oven Baked Korean BBQ Beef Ribs Recipe | MyKoreanKitchen.com

Try these delicious oven-baked Korean BBQ beef ribs! They’re slow-cooked at low temperature for 8 hours, so the meat is supremely tender and falls off the bone. Not to mention, the irresistible aroma they emit is simply amazing! (Get the recipe: Baked Korean BBQ Ribs

14. Instant Pot Korean Short Ribs

Pressure cooked Korean short ribs and carrots in a bowl

Korean short ribs cooked in an Instant Pot are mouth-wateringly delicious. The meat falls off the bone and is so succulent and flavorsome. The vegetables cooked together are just as splendid. Your guests will thank you endlessly. (Get the recipe: Instant Pot Korean Short Ribs

If you only have a slow cooker, try my Slow Cooker Korean Short Ribs instead. If you also prefer pork over beef, check out my Instant Pot Korean Pork Ribs recipe.

15. Momofuku Bo Ssam (Korean Roast Pork)

Momofuku Bo Ssam

Momofuku bo ssam is a dish that was originally created by Chef David Chang. It is made with pork shoulder that has been cured and slowly roasted at a low temperature. This dish is very popular and for good reason – it tastes amazing!

The pork is moist and tender, with a slightly salty, sweet, and savory flavor. This dish was a big hit with my family when I served it during our Christmas holidays a few years ago. (Get the recipe: Momofuku Bo Ssam)

16. Korean Cheese Ribs (Cheese Deung Galbi, 치즈 등갈비)

Melted cheese wrapped around spicy back rib

This incredible dish features baby back ribs braised in a spicy gochujang-infused sauce until the meat becomes tender and flavorful. The sauce provides just the right amount of spice to enhance the wonderful taste of the ribs. To top it off, the ribs are then coated with deliciously melted, creamy cheese for an extra layer of enjoyment. If you’re looking for an amazing dish to impress your guests, this is it! (Get the recipe: Korean Cheese Ribs)


17. Bibimbap (비빔밥)

Bibimbap (Korean Mixed Rice with Meat and Assorted Vegetables) | MyKoreanKitchen.com

Bibimbap is one of the most popular rice-based Korean dishes. It’s perfect for any occasion because it has everything you need – meat, rice, vegetables, and the irresistible bibimbap sauce. Plus, it’s packed with colorful veggies, so it always looks impressive.

And if you’re having a cocktail party, you can even serve it in a tall cup so people can walk around with it. (Get the recipe: Bibimbap)

18. Korean Rice Rolls (Kimbap, 김밥) 

Bulgogi Kimbap (Bulgogi Seaweed Rice Rolls) | MyKoreanKitchen.com

Kimbap (gimbap) is a type of Korean rice roll that is often compared to sushi rolls. They are served in bite-size pieces, making them great for serving at a cocktail party. They are easy to pick up and nibble on.

There are many varieties of kimbap, depending on the fillings that are used. Some of my favorite types include Inari Roll (Yubu Kimbap), Bulgogi Roll (Bulgogi Kimbap) and Tuna Roll (Chamchi Kimbap). These kimbap are far from average – they are truly extraordinary! (Get the recipe: Bulgogi Kimbap)

19. Yubuchobap (유부 초밥)

Yubuchobap (Korean Style Inari Sushi) | MyKoreanKitchen.com

Yubuchobap is a dish consisting of sweet and vinegared rice stuffed in fried bean curd pockets. It can be enjoyed as a main dish or as a delightful party finger food. Yubuchobap offers a perfect balance of sweetness, slight saltiness, and savory flavors all at once. Its addictive and moreish nature makes it hard to resist. (Get the recipe: Yubuchobap)

Side Dishes

20. Fresh Kimchi Salad (Baechu Geotjeori, 김치 겉절이) 

Fresh Napa Cabbage Kimchi Salad | MyKoreanKitchen.com

Kimchi is a Korean side dish made from fermented cabbage, radishes, and other vegetables. It’s usually spicy and can have a strong, pungent smell when aged. However, this kimchi salad is meant to be eaten while fresh, so it’s much milder in both taste and smell.

It’s crunchy and delicious, and goes well with Korean BBQ. (Get the recipe: Fresh Kimchi Salad)

21. Korean Cucumber Salad (오이 샐러드)

Korean Spicy Cucumber Salad | MyKoreanKitchen.com

This cucumber salad is perfect for those who enjoy a spicy kick in their food. With its hint of sweetness and tanginess, it offers a well-rounded flavor profile. I’ve received feedback from many readers who make this salad for their BBQs, regardless of the cuisine being served. (Get the recipe: Korean Cucumber Salad)

22. Pickled Carrots and Daikon Radish 

Pickled Carrots and Daikon Radish recipe | MyKoreanKitchen.com

Give this super versatile pickled carrots and daikon radish a try! It’s the perfect side dish for Korean BBQ, burgers, sandwiches, and more. You can pair it with just about anything! It’s also hugely popular within the My Korean Kitchen community. (Get the recipe: Pickled Carrots and Daikon Radish)

23. Korean BBQ Dipping sauce (Ssamjang, 쌈장)

Three Ultimate Korean BBQ Dipping Sauces | MyKoreanKitchen.com

If you’re considering serving Korean BBQ, don’t forget these essential Korean dipping sauces. There are three common flavor profiles for Korean BBQ dipping sauce: spicy, salty and sweet, and salty and savory.

The most popular variation is the spicy dipping sauce called ssamjang, which can be easily purchased at any Korean grocery store. However, the homemade version of this sauce is always tastier. (Get the recipe: Korean BBQ Dipping Sauce)

24. Kelp Noodle Salad (Cheonsachae Salad, 천사채 샐러드)

kelp noodle salad served on a blue plate

This Korean kelp noodle salad is a versatile dish that can be enjoyed on any occasion. It’s made with gluten-free and low-calorie kelp noodles, so it’s crunchy, light, and delicious. Plus, it pairs well with Korean BBQ and other Korean dishes. This super easy salad is sure to be a hit with everyone! (Get the recipe: Kelp Noodle Salad)

25. Spicy Korean Coleslaw

Spicy Korean Coleslaw | MyKoreanKitchen.com

This Korean cabbage salad is easy to make and flavor-packed! It has the perfect balance of spice, sweetness, and tanginess, with a satisfying crunch. Serve it with Korean BBQ, or use it to add some spicy and zingy flavor to tacos or hamburgers. (Get the recipe: Spicy Korean Coleslaw)

Dessert / Drinks

26. Korean Cinnamon Punch (Sujeonggwa, 수정과)

Korean Cinnamon Punch | MyKoreanKitchen.com

Korean cinnamon punch is a popular dessert drink in Korea. It’s made with ginger, cinnamon and sugar, so it’s sweet and has a mild gingery bitter taste. It’s often served during Korean festive holidays. It’s known to help with digestion. (Get the recipe: Sujeonggwa)

27. Korean Rice Punch (Sikhye, 식혜)

Sikhye recipe | MyKoreanKitchen.com

Sikhye is a traditional sweet Korean rice beverage that is commonly made by fermenting malted barley and steamed rice. It boasts a delightful sweetness and a refreshing taste. This drink is typically served chilled and is often enjoyed at the end of meals, as it is believed to aid in digestion. (Get the recipe: Sikhye)

28. Korean Plum Tea (Maesil Cha, 매실차) 

Korean Plum Tea (Maesil Cha) | MyKoreanKitchen.com

This tea is popular in Korea for its simple, sweet, tangy, and fruity flavor. It’s very easy to make once you have the plum extract, which can be made at home or purchased. It can be served cold or hot, but Iced tea is particularly refreshing in summer. This tea is also known to help with digestion. (Get the recipe: Korean Plum Tea)

29. Makgeolli Shake (막걸리 쉐이크)

Holding a glass of blended makgeolli shake in one hand.

If you’re in the mood for a boozy concoction, I highly recommend giving this cocktail a try. The makgeolli shake, a chic Korean alcoholic beverage, masterfully blends the subtle sweetness and fizziness of makgeolli with the rich, creamy texture of vanilla custard and ice cream. The result is boom! (Get the recipe: Makgeolli Shake)

And with that, I’ve shared all my top picks with you! I hope you’ll enjoy these dishes as much as my previous guests have. Each recipe has graced my table on numerous occasions, never failing to win hearts and appetites.

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Join 20,000+ other Korean food lovers!

Get the latest recipes from My Korean Kitchen delivered to your email inbox. It's free!



Join 20,000+ other Korean food lovers! Get the latest recipes from

My Korean Kitchen delivered to your email inbox. It's free!