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15 Korean Foods That Will Impress Your Party Guests

Discover delicious Korean party food ideas!  – 15 Korean Foods That Will Impress Your Party Guests

Are you looking for some Korean party food inspiration? Whether it’s just for a simple dinner gathering or something bigger like Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas lunch, look no further!

Here, I share a collection of my Korean recipes that are suitable for a party and those that will knock your guest’s socks off! 😉

Below, I will cover appetizers, main dishes, rice, side dishes and dessert/drinks. Let the planning begin!

15 Korean Foods That Will Impress Your Party Guests | MyKoreanKitchen.com


1. Korean Glass Noodle Stir Fry (Japchae, 잡채) 

Korean glass noodle stir fry (Japchae) recipe | MyKoreanKitchen.com

This is probably the most famous Korean noodle dish.

In Korea, it’s commonly served during Korean festive holidays such as Seollal (설날, Korean New Year’s day) or Chuseok (추석, Korean harvest festival day). It’s made with bouncy textured glass noodles and it’s savory and very moreish! (Get the recipe)

2. Sweet and Spicy Korean Potsticker Salad (Bibim Mandu, 비빔만두)

Sweet and Spicy Korean Dumpling Salad (Bibim Mandu) | MyKoreanKitchen.com

This is my favourite way of eating Korean dumplings.

It’s served with fresh salad, so you won’t feel guilty about having fried dumplings (as much). The spicy, tangy and sweet dressing is quite addictive and it will invigorate anyone’s appetite. (Get the recipe)

3. Korean Pancakes

Kimchi Pancake (김치부침개)

Kimchi Pancake (Kimchi Jeon) Recipe | MyKoreanKitchen.com

Kimchi pancakes are a great appetiser to introduce, particularly if your guests are new to kimchi. People just don’t seem to notice it!

It’s also a great way to use up some of your ageing kimchi you don’t know what to do with. (Get the recipe)

Seafood Pancakes (Haemul Pajeon, 해물파전)

Korean Seafood and Green Onion Pancakes (Haemul Pajeon) Recipe | MyKoreanKitchen.com

This is a great appetiser for a seafood lovers! It’s savory and crunchy.

Seriously, even people who know nothing about Korean food will enjoy this one. (Get the recipe)

4. Korean Fish Cake Balls (Eomuk, 어묵)

Korean fish cake balls recipe | MyKoreanKitchen.com

I don’t know what you think of fish cakes in general, but this one is a keeper!

It’s full of protein and it’s savory and delicious. Kids love this one too! It will be sure to please your guests. (Get the recipe)

5. Korean Fried Chicken (양념통닭)

Spicy Korean Fried Chicken Recipe | MyKoreanKitchen.com

Korean Fried Chicken is probably the most famous Korean chicken variety to the world.

Super crunchy chicken is coated with hugely addictive homemade Korean sweet chili sauce. It is perfect for any occasion and I’m sure everyone will fall in love with it instantly! (Get the recipe)


6. Korean BBQ

There’s no doubt that Korean BBQ will be popular at your party. Seriously, who can refuse these delicious dishes!?

There are different types of Korean BBQ options, so you can pick and choose from the recipes below.

Bulgogi (Korean BBQ Beef, 불고기) 

Bulgogi (Korean Marinated BBQ Beef) Recipe | MyKoreanKitchen.com

This is probably the most popular type of Korean BBQ meat.

Typically the meat is thinly sliced and marinated with nashi pear infused sauce. Though nashi pear can be hard to get, so I normally use red apples (e.g pink lady, royal gala, red delicious) and it works like a charm!

Its sweet and savory flavor is really irresistible. I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t like Bulgogi! (Get the recipe)

Bulgogi Taco Bar (불고기 타코 바)

Easy entertaining idea - Korean bulgogi taco bar: Mexican fused but loaded with authentic Korean flavour!| MyKoreanKitchen.com

This is more of an applied version of Bulgogi.

DIY Bulgogi Taco bar using an array of Korean ingredients will be always a hit as your guests can pick and choose what they want to add as a filing.

It’s also easier on the host as all they need to do is provide the ingredients on the table. I have served Bulgogi Taco on many occasions already, including serving it to 75+ guests at a community event too. It was a huge success! (Get the recipe)

LA Galbi (Korean BBQ Short Ribs, 엘에이 갈비)

LA Galbi (Korean BBQ Short Ribs) | MyKoreanKitchen.com

This is another popular Korean BBQ using beef short ribs.

It can be grilled or broiled in an oven as well. Licking through the ribs as you bite off the meat is another bonus for those who have a child like mind. (Get the recipe)

Spicy Korean Pork (Jeyuk Bokkeum, 제육볶음)

Korean Spicy Marinated Pork (Jeyuk Bokkeum) | MyKoreanKitchen.com

This is perfect for anyone who loves spicy food.

It’s marinated with gochugaru (Korean chili flakes) and gochujang (Korean chili paste) based sauce and it tastes like heaven when cooked over the charcoal BBQ. It’s my husband’s favorite Korean food! (Get the recipe)

Baked Korean BBQ Ribs

Oven Baked Korean BBQ Beef Ribs Recipe | MyKoreanKitchen.com

Try these supremely tender and delicious oven baked Korean BBQ beef ribs!

These ribs are slowed cooked at low temperature for 8 hours! Its meat falls off the bone. Delicious! (Get the recipe)

Momofuku Bossam (Korean Roast Pork)

Momofuku Bo Ssam

This hugely popular Momofuku bo ssam recipe was originally developed by Chef David Chang.

In essence, momofuku style bo ssam is cured slow roasted pork shoulder. I have to say, this really tastes amazing! Super moist and tender with slightly salty, sweet and savory flavor.

I served this during our Christmas holidays last year for our family and it was a huge hit! (Get the recipe)


7. Bibimbap (비빔밥)

Bibimbap (Korean Mixed Rice with Meat and Assorted Vegetables) | MyKoreanKitchen.com

Bibimbap would be the most popular rice based Korean dish. Agree?

It has everything. Meat, rice, vegetables and of course, the irresistible bibimbap sauce.

Because there are many colourful vegetables that go in, it presents really nicely too. It will be sure to impress your guests. (Note: If you’re having a cocktail party, you can serve this in a mid tall cup so that people can walk around with it.) (Get the recipe)

8. Korean Rice Rolls (Kimbap, 김밥) 

Bulgogi Kimbap (Bulgogi Seaweed Rice Rolls) | MyKoreanKitchen.com

Kimbap is a type of Korean rice rolls and it’s often compared to sushi rolls.

There are many varieties of kimbap depending on the fillings that go into the rolls. My two favourite types are Inari rice rolls (Yubu kimbap) and Bulgogi rice rolls (Bulgogi kimbap). These are not just an average kimbap. They are extraordinary!

All kimbap is served in bite size pieces so it’s great for serving at a cocktail party as it’s easy to pick up and nibble on. Give them a try! (Get the recipe)

Side Dishes

9. Fresh Kimchi Salad (Baechu Geotjeori, 김치 겉절이) 

Fresh Napa Cabbage Kimchi Salad | MyKoreanKitchen.com

I know a lot of people are scared to try kimchi for the first time because they are afraid of its smell or bad taste.

Let them try this fresh kimchi salad. Literally it’s fresh so you won’t notice any pungent smell that typically comes out from aged kimchi.

It’s crunchy and delicious too! It goes well with Korean BBQ. (Get the recipe)

10. Korean Cucumber Salad (오이 샐러드)

Korean Spicy Cucumber Salad | MyKoreanKitchen.com

If your guests likes spicy food, this spicy cucumber salad is a must to serve.

It’s spicy and has a very subtle sweet and tanginess to it. A lot of my readers told me that they serve this cucumber salad whenever they do a BBQ, whether it’s a Korean BBQ or not. (Get the recipe)

11. Pickled Carrots and Daikon Radish 

Pickled Carrots and Daikon Radish recipe | MyKoreanKitchen.com

Try this super versatile pickled carrots and daikon radish!

It’s a perfect side to Korean BBQ, burgers, and sandwiches. You just name it! It’s also hugely popular amongst My Korean Kitchen community. (Get the recipe)

12. Korean BBQ Dipping sauce (Ssamjang, 쌈장)

Three Ultimate Korean BBQ Dipping Sauces | MyKoreanKitchen.com

When you serve Korean BBQ meat, the BBQ dipping sauce always accompanies it.

Generally there are three different ways of making this sauce and the most common one is spicy dipping sauce. This sauce can be purchased at a Korean grocery store, but of course, the homemade version is always tastier! So be sure to check it out and don’t forget to serve it with your BBQ! (Get the recipe)

13. Spicy Korean Coleslaw

Spicy Korean Coleslaw | MyKoreanKitchen.com

This spicy Korean cabbage salad is super easy to make and it’s full of Korean flavor! It’s adequately spicy, sweet and tangy and also crunchy.

It’s perfect with Korean bbq and great in tacos or hamburgers, wherever you want to lend some spicy and zingy Korean flavor. (Get the recipe)


Dessert / Drinks

14. Korean Cinnamon Punch (Sujeonggwa, 수정과)

Korean Cinnamon Punch | MyKoreanKitchen.com

Korean cinnamon punch is a popular dessert drink in Korea.

It’s infused with ginger, cinnamon and some sugar, so it’s sweet and has a mild gingery bitter taste. It’s particularly served often during Korean festive holidays.

It’s known to help with digestion. (Get the recipe)

15. Korean Plum Tea (Maesil Cha, 매실차) 

Korean Plum Tea (Maesil Cha) | MyKoreanKitchen.com

This is a popular fruit based tea in Korea.

It is very simple to make once you have the plum extract (which can be made at home or purchased). All you need to do is just mix the extract in some water and/or ice. (It can be drunk cold or hot. I prefer mine icy cold.)

It has a sweet, tangy and fruity flavor. It’s particularly great in summer to invigorate your guest’s lost appetite! It’s also known to help with digestion. (Get the recipe)

My final message to you is this. I’ve served all the above dishes before on different occasions for my guests and they all raved about them. I hope you and your guests enjoy them too!

Written by: Sue

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  1. Hi Sue!

    I’m planning on taking meals to a grieving family and they’ve asked for Korean food. What would you suggest as good meals that can be made the night before, refrigerated, then reheated?

    Thank you!

  2. This Korean BBQ Steak Bites Appetizer Recipe is perfect to serve as your Party Appetizers/Finger Foods for your Holiday, Christmas, New Year’s Party or ANY PARTY for that matter. It is the ultimate PARTY Finger Food that will completely impress your guests

  3. Thanks for all your recipes that you have shared. Love Korean food since 2016 when I got to visit Seoul South Korea my daughter in law and son.

  4. love getting your recipes, i am making japchae for the first time Christmas eve for our extended family but we recently went vegan (oil free) so I will change a little.
    I do 99.9% of the cooking so your advise really helps me, I am Chinese (79yrs old) and my wife is Korean (77yrs old) but never cooks….He had several high level jobs in the California Capitol (Chief of Staff to Senate Majority Leader) & Spec. Ass’t To
    Governor ). Your doing whole food, oil free recipes Asian/Korean cooking would be a great help to many people. Happy Holidays….we loved our one visit
    to your country many years ago.

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    These party foods look amazing! Thank you so much for posting them and
    have a wonderful, peaceful Thanksgiving with your family.

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    I lived in Chun Cheon for 1 year and fell in love with the Korean food and people.

    Again, Thank you!

  8. I love kimchi! And I will hopefully get a chance to try some of the other recipes, like the cucumber salad, bibimbap and the radish pickles!

    A friend taught me how to make kimchi with beets and watermelon rind, but I think I’m ready to create a more traditional recipe.

    Thanks and best wishes!

  9. OMG I love glass noodle stir fry sooo much! Korean bbq is my favorite thing to eat. This is an awesome post and all of these dishes will definitely wow your guests.

  10. what a beautiful creation you made with MKK. I’m excited about food again, thank you so much for sharing! Can’t wait to order your book & collect the necessary ingredients. Thanks a million & keep doing what you do girl, your a true gift from God! Despite my advanced age, my experience with Korean cooking has been limited to the few dishes that my Indiana-born mother learned from my Korean-born grandmother, as well as from a handful of Korean restaurants here in Hawaii. So my adventures in Korean cooking have been limited.

  11. Sue,
    Your blog is just what I was looking for…as a first generation half Korean, I am blindly organizing my son’s 100 day party in February and needing some ideas on what to serve appropriately 50 guests. Do you have recommendations from this list that are easy for first timers? Are there recipes that I could make in advance? Finally, are any of these recipes gluten free? Thanks for the advice!

    • You can make Japchae and Bulgogi ahead of time then reheat as needed. Kimchi, Pickles and Sugeonggwa can be made ahead as well.

      Kimbap is can be made one day ahead then slice into bite size pieces on the day you serve to minimize the rice drying out.

      Most of these recipes are GF adaptable. (Drinks, Kimchi, pickles and most salads (without dumplings) are GF.)

      Hope this helps. 🙂

  12. Sue…..Thank you for the years of splendid recipes. Love the ideas for the holidays. As a Latina I have incorporated some Korean ingredients into my Puerto Rican cooking. I add gochujang to my beans, yellow rice and a variety of dishes and for the holidays I am making JokBal in place of Lechon Asao. Have a great Holiday Season, you and family!

  13. Thanks for the recipes. There are a lot that I’m going to try for Christmas. This year, to give me a break, my wife ordered a complete Thanksgiving dinner from one of the local community colleges which runs a culinary program that has trained some of the best local chefs who have, as a group, developed the concept of Pacific-Asian fusion cuisine. The turkey dinner is “Kalua” turkey which is shredded after cooking with a definite smokey aroma. The dinner comes with 10 of the usual Thanksgiving items, so I’ll be just adding a few Korean side dishes.

    BTW: I just tried your Kkaetnip Jeon recipe that you recently shared. I love it. Great flavor. I’m going to save the seeds from the bunch of leaves that I bought from the Korean Market and grow my own perilla/sesame leaves.

  14. I absolutely love Korean Fried Chicken, there’s something about it that makes me mouth water!! Definitely going to give the other foods a try for an upcoming dinner 🙂 Thanks for sharing Sue x

  15. Hello Sue, Korean foods are awesome. I sometimes taste korean food here in UK. Loved your food images. So appealing… Specially Korean Fish Cake Balls look awesome because I love crispy food.

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      Korean foods are, so delicious and healthy foods i love VV and like them . But please let me know how to purchase round samgeupsal grill pan i want to have it here in denmark.
      Thank you

      • Hi Girlie, The easiest & fastest option is buying it from your local Korean grocer. (Though when I did a quick google search, there was no Korean grocer in Denmark. Just a general asian grocer. Is that right?) Another thing to note is, some stores might not have a round shape grill. It could be square-ish!

        Some sellers on Amazon US ships internationally too. So it’s worth checking it out. Finally, you can find it on eBay! (Some sellers ship it for free.) Hope this helps.

  16. Regarding the “Spicy Green Onion Salad”, besides rinsing the green onion threads in a bowl of water to remove some of the sliminess, I change the water and then throw in a couple of ice cubes and refrigerate until read to mix with the sauce. The green onions don’t wilt and they get curly. I also add a small amount of blanched mung bean sprouts to give the dish a little color and texture contrast.

  17. Despite my advanced age, my experience with Korean cooking has been limited to the few dishes that my Indiana-born mother learned from my Korean-born grandmother, as well as from a handful of Korean restaurants here in Hawaii. So my adventures in Korean cooking have been limited. Encouraged by a younger Korean cousin who learned a lot from her mother, I am trying more Korean dishes. I visit several Korean food blogs now and I particularly enjoy My Korean Kitchen. BTW, I discovered the green onion salad at a local Korean restaurant called 678(which has since gone out of business) and actually found the negi cutter at a big Japanese market here on Oahu. The cutter cost me about $15.00. From now on, I’ll check sources from My Korean Kitchen when looking for Korean foods and implements. I love your logo. Someday, I’ll show you my logo and maybe you can help me correct any errors.

    • Glad to hear you like my blog! Thanks!! Let me know when you create your own website. Not sure about correcting any errors since web / logo design isn’t my specialty. 🙂

  18. Hi sue. I just loved your blog. I eat korean fish cake ball. It tasty. I have read some of your recipe and planning to prepare food at home. I will post comment once i make something. keep it up.

  19. Wow Sue, what a beautiful creation you made with MKK. I’m excited about food again, thank you so much for sharing! Can’t wait to order your book & collect the necessary ingredients. Thanks a million & keep doing what you do girl, your a true gift from God!

  20. Sue, thank you so much for putting together and sharing this special collection of recipes. And all of the Korean basics for us newbies in other areas. You are so generous. I love your site and your effort to make it so wonderful. Sylvieann. xo

  21. This is an extremely well written article. I’ll make sure to bookmark it and come back to read more of your useful info. Thanks for the post. This looks delicious and healthy!

  22. Hi Sue~ it’s me again. Since I was making rice today it occurred to me to share how I store my rice. Since I am a very very lazy person I make a ton of rice at a time then separate into portions. Then I put each portion between two sheets of plastic wrap and squish them thin into the shape and size of nori/gim sheet (minus that bit at the end you leave open when making kimbap). Then I just put them all into the freezer. Since they are flat they fit very easy, and when I want to make kimbap I just defrost one slab of rice and just unwrap it right on top of the nori. So much easier than putting warm rice bit by bit on nori, especially for someone like me who can’t deal with things sticking to their hands (even with the vinegar water trick it drives me nuts). I can’t even crack several eggs in a row without rinsing my hands in between ^<__<^;;

    Anyway, that is my lazy kimbap rice method for anyone also as lazy as I~ 😛 Also, thanks for this list. Now that I'm back home and the semester is about to start I'm going to make so much food ^@__@^ so I have lots of ideas now for stuff to make ^^

  23. Sue this is a really impressive collection. We have shared it on our Facebook page for our own customers and also given a recommendation to buy your book. It certainly would make a great Christmas present.

    What a marvelous selection. Love the pickled radish and Kimchi which is so good to get good bacteria into your stomach. The Apple infused Pork wraps have also got us salivating already. Best of all, the presentation is stunning.


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Join 20,000+ other Korean food lovers! Get the latest recipes from

My Korean Kitchen delivered to your email inbox. It's free!