Cooking Korean Food Anywhere: How I’m going to help you in 2007

Cooking Korean Food Anywhere

There is a definite recommendation from wise people that if you want to achieve something like quiting smoking or losing some weight, you need to let other people know about it. That way, they can help you and encourage you to achieve your goal.

Today, I am going to talk about my new years resolutions about My Korean Kitchen. Some of you may say, “What kind of resolution would there be for cooking and a blog?”

Well there is. I cook because I really like having decent food, so I need to keep experimenting to satisfy my desire. I photograph because I like taking pictures of what I made and eat and want to show off about it. I blog because I want to make my own journal of recipes that please me, though it is even better if it pleases you too. :)

I have been achieving my blogging goals that I made before I started My Korean Kitchen, which was to get some audience to share my experience and be a helper for those who love to cook Korean food.

Now, the time has come to move on to the next goal to make a better blog for you and me.

Resolution 1. Design and Accessibility

Michael and I are working on how to change the looks of My Korean Kitchen. I am 100% relying on Michael and always will be for any technical changes. So, Michael! I want a design that looks authentic, simple and catchy and easy to search for other users. Did you hear me? 😀

Resolution 2. Renovating Kitchen

As some of you know, I am moving to Australia, possibly permanently. I don’t know where we are moving into yet, but I would really love to have a bigger kitchen with lots of space where I can mess around easily, and with a couple of big windows next to it. At the moment, I am struggling when I take some pictures, because of the light and space problem. I need to clear the background each time I take a picture, because I don’t have enough room on the table, and living in a tiny match box looking apartment with no natural light all day is pretty depressing as it is. So I am not going to move in if I can’t get any natural light in my kitchen in Australia. Otherwise Michael! you need to buy me a photo studio set.

Resolution 3. New Cooking Adventure

There are hundreds of Korean foods I haven’t tried yet. That is because certain things are cheaper if I buy them instead of making them myself in Korea, but that situation will change in Australia. I will have difficulty finding ingredients to make lots of things. However, I will share the pain of some of my readers who are having some difficulties in finding ingredients, and it will bring us closer. :) I am also going to do some planting (tomatoes, chilies, spring onions etc), so I am very excited about this. “Cooking with home grown veggies.”

Resolution 4. Publishing

Cooking Korean Food Anywhere How I'm going to help you in 2007 Korean Black Bean Noodles

Publishing your own book is every blogger’s dream I think, especially for a food blogger. I am planning on publishing my own Korean cook book. I know there are several Korean cook books already. However, I have the advantage of having this blog. I can interact with readers, so whenever they have questions I can give them an answer very quickly. (For a recipe book, I am going to adjust my current recipes and take whole new photos from scratch) I am considering a print on demand system for publishing, but I haven’t found a web site that does color printing yet. So if you happen to know what I am looking for give me some advice.

I certainly don’t want these resolutions to end with one summer night’s dream. I will appreciate any comments if you have some good ideas.

(This post has been submitted to problogger’s group project “Reviews and Predictions“)

About Sue

Hi, I'm Sue and I am the author/cook/photographer behind My Korean Kitchen. Thank you for joining me in this delicious culinary journey!


  1. good day
    I try to make Kimchiand kaktugi at home but the flavor is not same as Korea can somebody kindly give me good recipe
    thank you

  2. Hi lao-ocean-girl,
    Thanks for the info. I knew the website you mentioned, but it seems so expensive. I wonder if anyone’s going to buy my cookbook if the prices are like that. :)

  3. You can do print on demand books at Good luck!

  4. Thanks Mary,
    Have you made your New year’s resolution yet? I hope you have fun holidays in South Africa.

  5. GOod luck with all your goals!

  6. Hi! Interesting blog on Korean food you have here! I will visit your blog for an introduction to Korean food :) I also participated in the ProBlogger Project writing a poem on my 2007 menu. Do drop by!

  7. All the best with your plans to move and for the site. And I can’t wait for the book. If it’s anything like this blog it’ll be fantastic!

  8. Thanks everyone for your encouraging comments and supports.

    John, I had lived in Brisbane for 1 year before and I used get Korean ingredients from Korean supermarkets in Sunny bank (there are two shops as far as I know, though I can’t remember the shop’s name). Shops in Sunny bank seems cheaper than ones in China town in Valley. Anyhow, some fresh vegetables and seafood seemed hard to get or ridiculously expensive.

    Tigerfish, if you want to cook sundubu jjigae, I have the recipe on my blog. Here
    I haven’t tried Chinese black bean noodles, but I know that they are totally different. :)

  9. Yup, I’ll be waiting for your korean kitchen! I did not know Korea has black bean noodles till I recently had one in the U.S. I thought black bean noodles was more Chinese cuisine (like spicy bean noodles, they called “Zha Jiang Mian”). BUt after tasting black bean noodle, I find the two totally different.
    I still miss my Soon Dubu (tofu stew)!
    I cook and post, and eat in my blog as well :)

    May the Force be with you, the Blo-gedi way

  10. What great resolutions and what tasty-looking food, yum!! Beautiful blog, I’m going to have to visit you more often now ;).

    We also participated in this project, stop on by if you get a chance!

  11. You’re moving to Brisbane?

    You won’t have too much trouble finding ingredients.Dashi,kimchi,gochujang,large radish,sesame oil etc you can buy at the downtown Korean supermarket.

    More obscure stuff like lotus root,fern fronds etc I don’t know but perhaps what you can’t get at KOZ market,you’ll be able to get in the large Asian markets in The Valley(aka Chinatown)

    Oh!!Take soju!

  12. coool good luck with your resolutions! i hope it will work.
    i’m glad you will make a book out of your blog, because my girlfriends has a korean cook book, in korean, so i cannot read it by myself…:-)

    Thanks you

    I hope you will add to your cook book all the japanese and chinese recipes!

  13. Wowwwwww!!! I am very impressed with your new year’s resolution.
    And I will definitely be the first to buy your cookbook!!! :)
    It’s such a great idea because although there are many korean cookbooks out there, there aren’t much that we can really relate to as your recipes are really practical!

  14. I love all of your ideas! I hope you can accomplish them in 2007! :)

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